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White kitchen with stainless and marble
When Terry was here visiting me recently she encouraged me to go ahead show some more pictures of my new kitchen. Though I consider it still “not done” (I am working on a backsplash, curtains and built-in seating) here it is as it currently stands.

White kitchen with stainless and marble If you are new to Magnolia Lane, you can read more about our new home HERE. We built this home in the shortest time frame ever–(I think it was about 3 months from foundation to move-in, our builder was amazing)–so I was very limited in how I was able to customize my kitchen and had to make decisions very quickly. For comparison purposes, this is a picture I snapped of a home in our neighborhood with the standard floorplan and features. Its beautiful, but we don’t get a lot of natural light in our home so I wanted as much white in the kitchen as I could get, and if you know us, that is pretty much my taste anyway.


As you can tell, this kitchen has more elements of the traditional “builder” kitchen. In our home, I totally reconfigured our appliances and passed on getting double ovens for two reasons: 1) I really don’t “bake” very much, and 2) we just couldn’t give up the counter/storage space. By using the credit in $ from the cost of two ovens, I was able to get a MUCH nicer range.  After much thought and research, I chose a Kenmore Elite 36″ range and I absolutely love it. I did consider –very seriously– a Viking as well as some other premium commercial ranges but after reading about repair issues, costs and wait times I decided to go with a more mainstream brand. It cooks like a dream, I highly recommend it and the bonus was a slightly lower price-tag then a commercial line range.  


range close up  

Much to my husband’s dismay I had the microwave built-in to our lower counter. This is apparently a horrible idea to anyone of the male species (he takes polls, and they all seem to agree), but I very much wanted it out of the line of sight (I wanted the clean line of cabinets looking into the kitchen from the family room). My husband has, by now, adjusted to it being lower then he would like, and it’s also a convection microwave to pitch in on the rare occasions when I actually need 2 ovens.  


microwave under counter  

I have already showed off my new built-in shelves HERE. And, as I mentioned I still need curtains on the large window and I am working on that. The ones I want are back-ordered at Ballard until April, so I may be DIY’ing some curtains here shortly as its very cold over by the window at this time of year.  


open shelves in kitchen  

We also added the desk area at the end of the counter for homework and organizational space, having had a desk in the kitchen in my last home we knew we couldn’t live without it here.


White kitchen with stainless and marble

Finally, here is a post on the pros and cons of marble countertops which shares what I have now learned the hard way. We were lucky to able to upgrade from granite to Carrara marble with very little upcharge. I can say I absolutely LOVE how the counters look, and there isn’t anything else out there that is even similar in appearance. However, I will say they do have the tendency to  as far as get scratched and water-stained.

to dining room

Having these counters is a bit like having fine furniture in your kitchen, I am fussy enough to deal with them but it is challenging and I am not sure would not get them again in my next home. (But don’t hold me to that!)

island counter

I will hopefully finish up the kitchen soon and be back with a final “reveal”. We are still deciding on the backsplash, I am leaning toward a marble subway tile. With the range hood we selected we have some challenges as to where to “stop” it, do we go to the ceiling? I am pinning backsplashes these days and there are some beautiful ones out there (follow me on Pinterest HERE). Its a tough call! Thoughts?

We do love this space.  Terry’s new healthy cooking series is starting up in the next few days (don’t miss that). I am looking forward to cooking all her fabulous recipes right here!

White Kitchen with Carrera Marble Counters and Stainless Appliances

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  1. Wow- amazing! I love the finishes you chose and the open shelving!! I also adore a white kitchen and plan to switch out our counters and backsplash to an all white scheme to go with the cabinets! Love it! 🙂

  2. Gorgeous. Stunning. Beautiful. Elegant. LUV!

    xoxo laurie

  3. Your kitchen is fabulous! Love the white cabinets, open shelving and
    stainless steel appliance…..Stunning……….

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous! It’s so light and bright! Your choices are just perfect, I don’t think I could make all of those decisions so quickly, and have the result be this fabulous!

    • Thank you so much! The blog world saved me (with Pinterest in there too) it really helped me make my selections to see all the great things everyone did. I appreciate your taking the time to leave a note 🙂

  5. I love your kitchen! Its gorgeous! So worth all the hard work I’m sure. We just finished ours but would love to upgrade the counters some day. Thanks for your candid thoughts on the marble!

  6. OMGoodness, your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous! Love that range hood & the lower built-in microwave. My husband actually wants to do that in our kitchen. Go figure!

  7. I’m seeing green over that gorgeous white kitchen!

    … would you like to share at our multi-blog “Imagine the Impossibilities” link party? I think everyone would really enjoy it as much as I …

    Here’s the link:

    We stay live until Friday midnight (CST). Hope to see you at the party!

    [email protected]

  8. so light and bright! it’s gorgeous!

  9. Amy, your kitchen is absolutely beautiful! I am going to pin it for future reference…down the road we will do ours over and I love how bright and pretty yours is! Thanks so much for sharing….I hope you enjoy it every single day!

  10. I love your kitchen! You have done a wonderful transformation! Thanks for linking up to our “impossibles” party!


  11. I love your kitchen. We are getting ready to change ours around and I saved pictures of yours to show my hubby. wow. I”m motivated to start painting! Hahahaha…if only it were that easy. You did a wonderful job. Great post.

  12. This is gorgeous! You are brave for the white counters…so elegant, though. Just beautiful!

  13. LOVE it…crisp and fresh! I’ve been thinking about my microwave at under-counter height…do you like it? I know I like how it looks but how does it work well?

  14. So beautiful, bright, and crisp even though you’re not done with it.
    Mary Alice

  15. Gorgeous kitchen! My goodness, how is it going to look when it’s totally finished! Can’t wait to see it. I just came to visit from Common Ground linky party for the first time, it will not be my last! Hope you come over as well. Nice meeting you. Happy weekend.

  16. As a member of the male species, I agree with hubby. Kitchen looks great though!

  17. Wow – you did an amazing job. I too have Carrara counters and I love them – scratches and all! Love the open shelving – gives the space so much personality!
    Thanks so much for joining our Impossibilities Challenge. New follower on Linky and GFC!

    • Thank you 🙂 And you are right, thanks for the reminder, the marble counters are worth it scratches and all! Thanks for hosting.

  18. Hi Amy, gorgeous kitchen and I love the open shelving that you have, there are still alot of things I’d love to do in ours, just took a breather from all that painting!
    I’m your newest follower on Linky and I’m a follower on your Pinterest too!

  19. It looks amazing!!!! It’s fabulous. What a gorgeous space!!!

  20. i really like it. The white is so fresh and clean. I am redoing my kitchen (small redo as I am a renter). And I have found the countertop decision to be the toughest. I particularly like the contrast between the industrial looking pendant and the chandelier.

    have a great day and happy to have found your blog today.


  21. This really is great! Even though you consider it a work in progress, you are well on your way!!

    Thanks so much for linking up to the challenge!

  22. Gorgeous kitchen! I love all of the elements you’ve used here … and, the open shelves are fabulous! I look forward to seeing more! *Becca* (new follower by way of TDC)

  23. Oh Amy! This is beautiful!

  24. So beautiful!! I love it- and I love the marble!! I have granite and would love to change to marble- issues and all. Hope you will come share this at Feathered Nest Friday tomorrow too!! 🙂

  25. Amy, this space is breathtaking! I would cook a LOT more if my kitchen looked like this! (maybe – ha!) ~Lori

  26. Love the kitchen. Was wondering what kind of floor that is? I love it. I have white cabinets and I am getting ready to redo the floors.

  27. Love white kitchens and yours is a beauty! Love the open shelving and lighting!

  28. I’m seriously considering white Carerra marble counters. I have found a quartz product called Torquay, by Cambria. As close to marble as I can get, but still not exact. Any thoughts on that? What did you use for a backsplash?
    Thanks for your valuable insight!

    • Hi Janey…After almost a year with the marble counters I can tell you that I still absolutely love the way they look. I am not very familiar with the quartz product, so I can’t offer you any insight with it. We don’t have a backsplash mostly because I have had a hard time picking something and honestly, I love the simple lines in our kitchen as it is. We have some glass that we keep by the sink and that helps a lot with keeping it protected there. Good luck with your selection, and thanks for stopping by!

  29. Ashley reed says

    Love this!! What whites did u use for the walls and cabinets?

  30. Beautiful Kitchen, the appropriate use of colors is the key:
    using white cabinets and white marble counter top
    made a relative small kitchen look larger and full of light.
    It will make the task of cooking a work of Art.
    thanks for sharing.

  31. Gorgeous kitchen! I have a quick question. Is that a piece of glass you have sitting on the counter under the open shelves? I can’t tell and I don’t see you make mention of it. I was curious about that. Have a happy Valentines Day!

    • Hi Nicki! Yes, fair question…that is an old piece of glass I had from a coffee table. I used it on the desk area to protect the counters since they were marble. The marble was gorgeous but very high-maintence and I didn’t want to worry about spilling coffee or the kids getting marker on it. The glass worked great! Thanks so much, Amy

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