A favorite DIY Hack–Using Glad Press’n Seal for Painting

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I have a great tip to share with you all today! For the last several years I have snapped pictures of how I use Glad Press’n Seal in projects knowing I would pass this trick on to our readers at some point.   I am a big fan of this plastic wrap, not only for food storage, but for the multitude of ways it makes painting easier.

I have a self-professed decorating ADD, which means I go through quite a bit of spray paint as my tastes and decor change. Since I don’t have the budget to buy everything new I am constantly updating and making things over with paint, if you are reading this I would guess you may be inclined to do the same! This mirror is a great example of something I have had for years and it’s had several reiterations in my decor. It actually was white when I purchased it, then it became black when it had a place in my former home office {below}.

boyle office storage armoire
Then it moved into our bedroom {shown here in our old house} when it got a new life from a metallic silver spray paint.

Now it’s in our current room which has a makeover in progress–here is a sneak peak…

Painting this mirror by hand would have been tedious, and taping the round mirror portion off would have been a total pain if not impossible. Using Glad Press’n Seal made it so simple. I just took a piece and pressed it on, it adhered perfectly to the mirror with no gaps for paint to sneak under.

Then using a sharp knife (or exacto knife) I CAREFULLY cut around the wrap off for a clean edge.

black mirror

A quick spray with silver metallic spray paint and it’s done. Such a quick and easy update!

press n' seal mirror


I just did the same thing for a mirror for my daughter. My Mom found this mirror for her house, she has the most darling “Girl’s Room” for her granddaughter sleepovers but she wanted this mirror to match the pink and gray and ivory color scheme. {By the way, I purchase my Glad Press’n Seal at Wal-Mart in the LARGE size–as you can see I use it for so many things!}




For this small mirror I simply adhered the Glad Press’n Seal to the mirror, trimmed it off and then painted it. This time I used a paint brush and ASCP chalk paint in Old White {to perfectly match the room} but again it just took a few minutes for a quick update.



It didn’t take long, and it came out beautifully, with no tedious paint scraping after the fact!


Last winter you may remember how I made over my fireplace and again, the Glad Press’n Seal made this project so much easier.


I simply covered the entire front of the fireplace completely with the Glad Press’n Seal which kept any paint splatters off the glass. It just takes seconds to put on, adheres to so many surfaces and it will stay up indefinitely. Here is our fireplace project completed, a huge improvement.


My final trick using Glad Press’n Seal — though there are so many uses for this magic stuff— is to wrap up my paint brush between coats. It keeps the paint from drying on the brush so it’s ready for another coat whenever I am, it keeps air out even if it’s overnight.

paint brush hack

You can learn more about all the uses for Glad Press’n Seal here: http://goo.gl/OZcCBr I am sure there are so many ways to use it I haven’t even thought of. I hope you find this trick as useful as I do 🙂

Have a great day!

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  1. Great tips, thanks so much for sharing! I’m getting ready to move my family into our first house and I’m sure there will be a lot of DIY painting in my (very near future). This will certainly come in handy.

  2. I would never have thought to use that for taping off! What a great idea! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Thank you so much for this tip. I will be using it.

  4. Thanks for a great tip. As a cooking instructor, I go through a ton of plastic wrap which I buy at the restaurant supply store and it will last a couple of years. Now I’ll pick up a roll of the Glad Press’n Seal for all my paint projects. I hate taping mirror and glass.

  5. Amy…great, great idea and I have the same scrolly mirror that I painted silver too!….Beautiful mirrors!

  6. I love, love the Press N Seal but would have never thought to do this!! Thanks a million for the tip. I have a couple of mirrors to paint/refresh and have procrastinated there too because of the taping, etc.


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