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Well, OK, the staying sane part while moving might be a stretch, but I am going to try my best this time.  I am getting ready to move, and Christy is also getting ready to move so I thought it would be a good time for us to try to come up with a post of tips and tricks.


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Y’all kicked in your suggestions via facebook and email and it was great! I am already making use of so many of your tips. On this topic, I know that our military spouses (a crown Christy wears as well) readers know that of which they speak. Thanks for the input, everyone!

In case you missed it, we’re packing up our current home and moving “home” in a few weeks. Being that this move is our choice as well as long-distance, we don’t have the budget for a crew of trained packers to come in and wave their magic wands and leave me with all our belongings nicely in boxes. I am that magic fairy, and I am going to be working hard these next few weeks! So, again, any way possible to make it easier will be a HUGE help.

So here is all the great advice you all gave me when I asked, such great tips!

Take everything off the walls and keep together. Label boxes with each room. Live off paper plates and paper products. Pack up the kids room leave out only a few toys.  Pack and stack boxes in your garage while kids are at school. Pack suitcase of clothes for each kid and yourself and live out of and wash only that. Pack the rest. Use towels to pack breakable vases and such.  ~Megan (9 military moves)

Pack your bedding in the dresser that goes in that bedroom.~Suzanne

 I put all our clean clothes into those giant ziplock bags with dryer sheets, that way they stay reasonably folded and clean and don’t have that cardboard box smell. The movers just put the bags into boxes and also strange men aren’t pawing all the clothes. This has made unpacking the clothing of a family of 5 way easier on the other side. Good luck, we are up this summer, moving to Germany! ~ Allison {Thanks Allison, Good Luck to YOU!}

Go around the house now, open every drawer and closet and photograph- will really help if your whole shipment disappears or, more likely, you have a few missing or damaged items.~Mary  (11 military moves)

Pack silverware and kitchen utensils in gallon ziplock bags and they stay clean….just empty into the new drawer at your destination.~Kate

 Give the house a good cleaning before you start packing or packers and movers show up! Everywhere should be exactly where it’s “supposed” to be before you start packing (even if it hasn’t been in the right spot in years lol) It will keep you motivated and bring your stress level down when everything seems a little more organized and clean to start.~Tianna

Put all your breakables that are treasures in one spot, like on  the dining room table.  Have the packers pack them first when they are fresh for the day.~Lezlie

One of the best helps I’ve come up with is having 2 boxes. ONE for bedding and any household supplies, packed and ready to use upon arrival AND a box that I mark “PARTS”. Every top of a lampshade, every screw, every key, plug, wire etc etc etc goes into that box. Both boxes are LAST on the truck and first to come off. ~Kathleen


Christy gave me her tips {below}, these from the girl that if you visit her two weeks after she moves in, will already have her house perfectly squared away and probably be painting her cabinets. Trust me, I know.

I always try to pack and LABEL a box that has a hammer, nails, drill, picture hanging hooks, drywall anchors, doublestick tape and Command hooks, spackle and putty knife, etc. so that I can start hanging stuff as soon as I unpack it.  And last, but definitely most important, keep your corkscrew, shaker, and coffee maker out because alcohol (and caffeine) consumption spikes sharply during a move! :) ~Christy {11Magnolialane, her 8th military move is coming up}

I am going to add in a few more tips, believe it or not we’ve moved nine times and we’re not even military. The first tip I always utilize originally came from my cousin-in-law, Mary, who was a military spouse. She said to put all the contents from each linen closet in a clear garbage bag, then pack it in a box. Then, when you unpack you can just drop the garbage bag in the closet and toss the box, that way you can unpack at your convenience but everything for the closet is already where it needs to go. Brilliant!

linens in bag

Here is my number one moving tip: prior to all of my moves,  I take the kitchen layout, pour a cup of tea and sit down with a pencil, I plot and plan where my kitchen items will go. It saves a ton of time when you actually are unpacking not to have to think on the spot what cabinets to put the glasses in, what drawer for the silverware etc. My Mom was sweet enough to help with my last move and she could also reference my plan instead of asking me over and over where to put things, it was a great help.

pre-move kitchen planning diagram

Above is my diagram I did prior to moving into my current home, sorry, I know it’s hard to see as I wrote in pencil so I could adjust things accordingly. I used my cabinet layout provided by our builder, but this time I will work off a picture of the kitchen and just draw it out, then label where I think things should go.

I am a huge fan of the moving supplies at Home Depot {though no they aren’t sponsoring this post :)} but they have boxes super cheap, and I have found this green plastic shrink wrap works wonders. I shrink wrap what I can together, like these glass plates, and it keeps things from moving as much during the process and seems to help.

plates wrapped up

Also, I found these adorable labels {Via Pinterest} from to use on you boxes. I may not quite get as far with the “cute” factor this time, but had to share them none the less!


OK! I am off to pack boxes now…but thank you so much to those who shared tips, and for any tips we’ve missed please leave them in the comments section so that this will continue to be a great resource for all facing the FUN task of a move.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I stick post-it’s on the cabinet and drawer fronts with what is in each. This makes it so much easier unpacking and actually helps everyone adjust to where everything is.

  2. First I have to ask, “Do you all move at the same time? ;-) That’s friendship!

    My suggestion: If possible get rid of anything that you no longer use: sell, give away, donate before the move. All too often we end up with multiple boxes that don’t get unpacked for a very long time. If we can do without them why move them.

    • Janet–that is a great question, actually our last two moves have been almost at the same time. We are constantly sending new home prospects back and forth, which is fun! You are so right about moving, I need to remember to purge well in advance. At the end its easier to throw it in a box then give it away, and you are right then it just stays boxed up. Good advice. Thanks for sharing,

  3. Thanks for the mention lots of great tips in this post. Please let me know if you ever need samples for upcoming tutorials or how to’s. Matt :)

  4. If you have movers coming in (or if it helps you) color code the boxes using a sharpie. Tape/crafty putty a colored slip of paper on each door. The boxes match the color of the room. You can also use numbers. I don’t like strangers (movers, etc) knowing which room belongs to my kids. It gives me piece of mind and makes it much easier. There is now saying “that box goes to the second bedroom on the left at the end of the hall next to the bathroom”.

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