Causes Close to Our Hearts, Galactosemia Foundation

I guess it is my turn to share my story and the cause so close to my heart.   I want to thank Amy for leading the charge and Christy for sharing her amazing story and cause.   I wish I could say that the words are freely flowing right now, but this is really difficult for me.  I think any time you … [Read more...]

Season of Giving: The final 4 Days and Recap!

I cannot believe that my Season of Giving is over!!  I am not sure if I feel a bit relieved that I completed my goal or sad that I don't have a daily purpose anymore?  This has been such an amazing journey!!  I think this experience showed me just how much I have and how selfish I can be at times.   … [Read more...]

December 3rd: Delivered Winter Coats to “Warmth for your Soul”

Baby, it is cold outside! Today, I dropped off a bunch of used coats for men, women and children to a local church here in Warrenton, VA.    "Warmth for your Soul" Coat Give-A-Way has been providing winter apparel for the past 4 years to residents and families living in the local area.    It was … [Read more...]

Season of Giving, December 2nd: Donated to the Salvation Army

Every December you hear their bells ringing and you see the red kettle hanging... do you donate money or do you walk on by? I have donated to the Salvation Army for as long as I can remember.  When I was a little girl my mom would hand me her loose change so I could drop it into the bucket.  It … [Read more...]

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