“The Best Part” –Brightening your day!

We are so thrilled to have been part of a brand partnership with Folger's Coffee this year. You may recall my Houseguest Breakfast Post {HERE}. When Folger's asked us to participate in sharing with our reader's their new "The Best Part" platform, we felt like it was a great fit. Spinning off their … [Read more...]

2012 A Season of Giving

While this series has been on our hearts and minds for the last few weeks, with all the excitement with kicking off holiday decorating, Christy's magazine feature and my daughter's birthday party December 1st snuck up on us. We started this series last year, {read HERE} the concept being that each … [Read more...]

Best of 2011 at Magnolia Lane

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Didn't it go fast? This is a great week across "Blogland", as "Best Of" parties start popping up all over the place. As I read through some other favorite blogs, I started thinking of what I (we) might post here as the "Best of 2011" from Magnolia Lane.  I … [Read more...]

Season of Giving: The final 4 Days and Recap!

I cannot believe that my Season of Giving is over!!  I am not sure if I feel a bit relieved that I completed my goal or sad that I don't have a daily purpose anymore?  This has been such an amazing journey!!  I think this experience showed me just how much I have and how selfish I can be at times.   … [Read more...]

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