Fall Decor

It took me awhile this year {or did everyone just start decorating earlier?} to get into the swing of fall...maybe because its in the 80's here on the coast of Virginia and has been so humid it feels like we live, as we kindly say, in the "tropics", Ugh! Last year at this time we had just moved … [Read more...]

Easter Mantel Decor

Easter is right around the corner and everyone in my house is very excited. My 3-year old daughter asks me every day "Is the Easter Bunny is coming TODAY?! " Easter is among my favorite holidays. I love the pastel decor, the celebration of resurrection and new life and the fresh, easter dresses (!) … [Read more...]

Mantel Number Two–"Noel"

We are living in an awesome old house (built in 1915!) right now, and it just happens to have four fireplaces.  So, what that means is that at Christmastime, I have four mantels to decorate!  I am NOT complaining about having four mantels, because that would just be annoying, but I am stating for … [Read more...]

Merry and Bright–Getting the Decorations Up!

In real life, I have a husband and kids and a very busy calendar (and a very messy kitchen), and so my Christmas decorations do not go up overnight.  Rather, it takes me about a week.  We were out of town for Thanksgiving, too, and so I feel like I came home already behind the eight ball.  So, room … [Read more...]

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