Yummy Easter Treat–Pretzel Kisses

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Pretzel kisses recipe

I wanted to share one of my favorite go-to recipes when I need a fast and easy treat.  If you’re on the hook to provide something sweet at an upcoming Easter party, then this is a great one to try.  Apologies to Terry, though, because just like Amy’s cupcake post, this totally blows her healthy, low-carb eating plan!

I didn’t make this recipe up–it’s been around for ages–and it’s so easy that it barely counts as a recipe.  I made hundreds of these at Christmas and bagged them up to share with neighbors, family, and friends, and they were a hit at my kids’ homeschool tutorial program.  Let’s begin, OK?

Assemble your ingredients:

pretzel kisses

Yep, that’s all there is:  mini pretzels, chocolate kisses (I use Hershey’s–is there any other kind?) and M&Ms.  The lovely folks at M&Ms make their chocolates in colors that suit practically every holiday on the calendar, so you can make these for every season of the year, or according to your child’s favorite color.  I’ve made pink ones for my daughter’s birthday more than once.  Guess it’ll be aqua ones this year since she’s turned her back on pink.

I like to put a small square of parchment paper on a microwave-safe plate to make transferring the finished product easier.  Then, simply unwrap a kiss and put it on top of a mini pretzel.  I melt them in the microwave, although you can certainly do them in the real oven if you prefer.  In my microwave, it takes 3 minutes at 50% power for the kisses to get soft enough that the M&M smooshes them down (sorry about the really technical cooking term there), but if you try to put the first M&M on and the kisses are still slightly hard, then give them another 30 seconds at 50% power.

Ready to go into the microwave

Once the kisses are soft, just press a single M&M onto the top of each kiss.  They’ll look like this:

They are totally delicious at this point, with the kisses all warm and melted, and I lose a bunch of them to the kids if they’re hovering nearby.  The ones that survive get slid onto a cookie sheet and put in the fridge (or more frequently during the winter, out on the screened porch) to firm up and cool down.

I usually get an assembly line going on and while one plate is in the microwave, I’m peeling kisses and getting the next batch ready.  I also enjoy violating child labor laws and making my kids unpeel the kisses (yes–without paying them–I’m mean like that).  Even the Bible says that if you won’t work, you don’t eat!

These are also fabulous with a dark chocolate M&Ms and kisses, but regardless of how you mix and match with this recipe, it’s a great sweet and savory treat.  Whip up a few for the Easter bunny!

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  1. Phyllis Cantrell says

    We make turtles out of pretzels, Rolo’s and pecan halves…..they are so good. I’m going to do some of these for my chocolate loving friends. Thanks for all your post. Phyllis

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