Whirlpool is “Out of this World”

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One of my favorite shows growing up was the Jetsons.  Everything was so modern and futuristic; all they had to do was push a button and breakfast was served.  They had buttons and gadgets for styling hair, getting dressed, making dinner and to top it all off, they even had a robot that cleaned up after everyone.  Life would be pretty simply if all we had to do was push a button. Well, with the help of Whirlpool® 20/20 “Your Future in Focus”, we are closer than ever to living this futuristic dream.
Whirlpool® will be back at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, January 7-11 in Las Vegas, showcasing the evolution of the kitchen and beyond.  Whirlpool® simplifies your life by designing products that sense and adapt to what you need.  That’s why Whirlpool’s concept of the future is a future focused on YOU.  The way you want to cook, clean and entertain—the way you want to live.  Whirlpool® will be revealing four products at CES: Interactive Cooktop, Designer Duets, CoolVox Refrigerator and the MaxArt Microwave.  All four products were designed around one, or all, of the below pillars:
  1. Connection: When appliances connect to you and your world, you can truly run your home on your terms.  Providing ultimate control and accessibility.  Could you imagine connecting to your home on such a level that your home could actually sense and adapt to your preferences, your daily habits and your needs?  This seems out of this world but Whirlpool is currently working on this concept.  As technology advances so does Whirlpool’s understanding of what is possible.  Soon, we will live in a home that is seamlessly connected with the needs of you and your family.  With the help of Whirlpool®, our homes will be able to adapt to our busy lifestyles.  Our home will help us save energy by alerting us when things are out of order, it will ensure our food is cooked and preserved properly and we will have full access to managing all of our “in-home” needs while on the go.
  2. Expression: Who doesn’t want to add more color and style to their home?  Your home is a reflection of who you are and style is a huge part of how we express that.  Whirlpool® is about to launch an exciting new line of products that will allow us to customize everyday appliances with your own unique style.  They have stepped back from the basic white laundry appliances and will be debuting their new Duet® Designer Series at CES 2014.  This bold and beautiful collection will allow your own personal style to shine through and will help you get your laundry done quickly and efficiently.  Your laundry room will look amazing and so will your clothes.  The most exciting news is that you can even enter Whirlpool’s® “You Be The Designer Sweepstakes”, create your own personal perfect Duet®Design and enter for a chance to win a new Duet® Washer and Dryer!  Whirlpool_Laundry Room
  3. Innovation: Building on the brand’s 20/20 vision, Whirlpool® continues to look at how the kitchen will evolve as the hub of the home.  I spend 80-90% of my time in my kitchen.  It is the heart of my home (or Grand Central Station depending on how you look at it.) It is where I work, where I feed my family, where I feel most organized and where I create.  Designing a space that is digitally connected on one surface will enable us to manage appointments, look up a recipe and to cook anywhere on the “cook anywhere surface”.  This concept is truly amazing and will ensure that we have all the tools we need in one place to connect, create and entertain.


I am so sad that I will not be attending the CES 2014 event in Las Vegas this year.  Whirlpool® has some amazing ideas and products to share. If you are like me, and unable to attend, you can follow Whirlpool® and check out daily videos about each innovation, read articles and view images from the floor at CES.

Since Whirlpool 20/20 is all about a future focused on you, we, want to hear your ideas for it. Tell us your idea for the future for your home and be entered to win a $1,000 grand prize.

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  1. http://Lisa%20S. says

    I can barely wrap my head around this concept. WOW! How amazing to be able to customize your kitchen in this manner.

  2. http://Terry says

    I am right there with you Lisa- it is mind boggling and so exciting. I really cannot wait to see what they reveal at the conference next week. I hope to share some photo’s via Facebook after their launch!! Thanks for stopping by- Terry

  3. http://Adecia says

    Awesome giveaway! I have some Whirlpool appliances that need to be replaced and $1000 would go a long way.

  4. http://Terry says

    Thanks Adecia and good luck!

  5. http://Elena says

    I would love to have a kitchen with innovative appliances that use very little energy. I would also love to have a self cleaning kitchen sink

  6. http://risia%20bradshaw says

    Amazing Info!!! So exciting!!
    Great giveaway chance

  7. http://Lianne%20Neyra says

    Very exciting stuff! I was just talking to my husband about having a ‘smart’ washer that would enable my 5 year old to do the laundry without my help (he always wants to do everything himself). Sounds like we are almost there!

  8. http://Susan%20Smith says

    I’d love to have a refrigerator that not only cleans itself but lets me know when I’m running out of something or when something is about to expire.

  9. http://Susan%20Smith says
  10. This is a fabulous contest. Thanks for hosting and for the record, I love my Whirlpool appliances! All three of my major kitchen appliances are whirlpool (wall oven/microwave, dishwasher, and fridge) and I think they are great. The new washer and drier is fabulous too and can’t wait to see more.

  11. (dryer) 🙂

  12. http://Lisa%20Brown says

    My idea for the future of my home: I would actually like to own a home of my own, firstly, and if I did have a home, I would want solar panels on the roof, and all energy-saving appliances in the kitchen, laundry room, sensor faucets throughout, excellent venting system over the gas range, and a nice open layout that makes moving around in the house, a breeze 🙂
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  13. http://Lisa%20Brown says

    my 2nd entry tweet https://twitter.com/LuLu_Brown24/status/419439056636739584
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  14. http://Margaret%20Schwieder says

    I would love for my counter top to create recipes based on the contents of my fridge and pantry! That reminds me, I need a new fridge!

  15. My idea for a ROCKIN’ kitchen would be for appliances to be very energy efficient and allow efficient usage of space! thanks for a chance to win! kmassman gmail

  16. http://Kerry says

    I think for the future, it would be great to have my on line recipe right at my finger tips in an easily accessed area. Maybe a screen right on my refrigerator since for me, that is right in the middle of my cooking area. Right now I use my iPhone and have to constantly keep pushing the home button when it goes black while I stir, or boil, etc.

  17. http://Kerry says
  18. http://D%20Schmidt says

    We recently moved into our new home and I have so many ideas for it including knocked down a wall between the kitchen and dining room, removing the current center island and replacing it with something more function, replacing the microwave and obtaining a larger freezer!

  19. http://D%20Schmidt says
  20. I don’t like to do laundry, period! So, I would love to see my future home with washer and dryer that can do the laundry for me automatically. What a dream! 🙂

    amy [at] utry [dot[ it

  21. My dream is to have my kitchen done up in red with retro-esque decor and appliances. 🙂

  22. http://Maureen says

    I would love for a larger kitchen. I have a galley kitchen at the moment. Does not lend for more than one person at a time in it.
    I would love a dishwasher. I would love an island. I would love for there to be room to eat at a table.

  23. http://Paula%20Gardner says

    My idea for the future of my home is to purchase new appliances and home systems as often as possible and afforded in order to take advantage of new technology and efficiency.

  24. http://melissa%20Resnick says

    my future kitchen will have to have double oven

  25. http://Stephanie%20Galbraith says

    I think the interactive stove top is amazing.

  26. http://Stephanie%20Galbraith says
  27. http://Shannon%20Baas says

    I would love to have a machine to do all the cooking and clean up/

  28. http://Theresa%20J says

    My future home is owned my by us and has smart efficient appliance that help me be more productive.

  29. http://Theresa%20J says
  30. http://Allison%20S. says

    My future kitchen would be 3 times bigger with a ton of counter space and nice appliances!

  31. http://Margaret%20Smith says

    I’d love a computer screen in my kitchen, right above the counters. This would be great for reviewing recipes for when I’m cooking.

  32. http://Margaret%20Smith says
  33. http://Charlene%20Drake says
  34. http://Mya%20Murphy says

    My future is simple. I want a cabin out in the woods, with all new energy efficient appliances!!

  35. http://jessica says

    my future home would have solar panels and a whole house fan. I also would like to start a compost pile and a garden that I would water with rain water stored from the winter .Also new smart appliances of course and a kitchen remodel .

  36. http://Lori%20Walker says

    My future home will have a heated floor for my bathroom with a lit shower.

  37. http://Julia%20Barnes says

    I want a double oven. So useful for the holidays!

  38. http://Kiara says

    I would like to have a stove with a touch pad.
    [email protected]

  39. http://Deb%20Christie says

    I’d like a refrigerator with a “thaw” section, where you could place a turkey or something large and safely thaw it but keep it a safe temperature before cooking.

  40. http://Deb%20Christie says
  41. http://Natalie says

    I would love to have microsuede sectional sofa, a fireplace, a kitchen island, granite countertops, all new GE kitchen appliances including a double oven and a loft!

  42. http://Jacob%20LaFountaine says

    Washer that empties the gray water into an lawn irrigation system

  43. http://Vicki%20andrew says

    I want to have a self cleaning microwave and a refrigerator that can tell me when that yogurt on the back shelf has gone bad

  44. http://Timmy says

    Awesome! A stove with a touch pad!

  45. http://Tamar says

    I want a refrigerator that is connected to the internet.

  46. http://Lauren-Olivia%20Wood says

    I would like to have an interactive home that can audibly read off my daily checklist to me in each room that I enter.

  47. http://Stephanie%20V. says

    eco-friendly appliances and materials, can run by computer remotely (for example, turn on oven so warm when get home to put supper in)
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  48. http://soha%20molina says

    We are thinking of going solar.

  49. http://Anastasia says

    My future house would not only have a fridge that keeps track of the food inside, makes a grocery list, and THEN does the shopping for me! That’d be amazing 🙂 In the distant future, I’m looking forward to replicators that make everything as you need it and reabsorbs the waste when you’re done! 😀

  50. http://Anastasia says
  51. http://E%20Kay says

    My future house will have a very open floor plan. Lots of light colors, white and different shades of blue. A huge kitchen (even though I’m not much of a cook yet) and most importantly a very large master suite with a big enough closet for all my clothes.

    [email protected]

  52. http://Cynthia%20C says

    I would like to see appliances that had self diagnostics and modular parts so they could be easily repaired at home without an expensive service call.

  53. http://Cynthia%20C says
  54. http://Kim%20H says

    I want it to be easier to use solar energy for our appliances
    [email protected]

  55. http://Denise%20S says

    I want to see more energy efficient appliances in the future for my home and ones that can clean themselves.

  56. http://Deborah%20Wellenstein says

    I want a robot like Rosie on The Jetsons! Seriously, my appliances need to be replaced with more energy efficient ones (the ones I have now work great, they’re just nearly 20 years old!) I love the interaction of these appliances!

  57. http://Cathy%20Truman says

    My kitchen would have to be larger more cabinets and energy efficient appliances and energy efficient
    lights. I would like to have an island in my kitchen and I would love to have heated floors in my
    whole house and a couple of fireplaces.

  58. http://Janice%20Cooper says

    We really need new appliances. Our refrigerator is on its last leg and we need a new stove, our oven is not working. I would love some new modern energy efficient appliances.

  59. http://Janice%20Cooper says
  60. http://min says

    more reliable pool heating

  61. http://min says
  62. http://Tracy%20L%20Davis says

    I would like my future appliances to run efficiently and have more power

  63. http://Sue%20Barney says

    I would Love a refrigerator that keeps track of expiration dates on perishable foods and can alert you when you are running low, keep track of your ingredients. Appliance that have an automatic generator or battery backup that will automatically kick in when you lose power.

  64. http://Ellie%20W says

    For the future of my home, I would love to refit my kitchen and laundry room with energy efficient appliances.

  65. http://Claire says

    Self-cleaning everything. I basically want the Smart House from the old Disney channel movie, without the crazy hologram.

  66. http://Rita%20Walker says

    My futuristic oven would beep when it detected the meat was at the proper temperature.

  67. I would like new energy star appliances that self clean

  68. http://mickeyfan says

    I see a future where my husband could actually figure out that the dishwasher needed to be unloaded. (My appliances are all brand new and amazing!)

  69. http://Lauren%20Becker says

    How cool! I’d love an oven that automatically knew how to cook the food!

  70. http://Christina%20Marie says

    I’d love to have talking cookbooks that you can give oral commands to, like “wait” (while you measure an ingredient). Thanks for the giveaway!

  71. http://Christina%20Marie says
  72. http://joni says

    I would like bigger rooms so I could have more storage space.

  73. http://joni says
  74. http://Rebecca%20Graham says

    I would like much bigger rooms and appliances that self clean.

  75. http://Anna%20Pry says

    My future home will be more natural energy efficient [email protected]

  76. http://Anna%20Pry says
  77. My future home needs a much quieter ice maker. Our fridge doesn’t have a hook-up, so we have a free standing ice maker that rattles. A quieter one would make for much more pleasant entertaining and a quieter daily life!

  78. http://Sarah%20Hirsch says

    my hope for the future of my home is more and better automated cleaning devices

  79. http://carolyn says

    I would love appliances that need no cleaning or constant cleaning

  80. I would love appliances that knew to shut off before the food burned. I burn way too much toast!

  81. http://maria%20cantu says

    A double oven would be nice.

  82. http://Mel says

    I just want a giant kitchen with a double oven!

  83. http://Sean says

    self cleaning fridge/freezer

  84. http://Valerie%20Ryan says

    I would love to get a flat top stove. So much easier to clean.

  85. I would love a coffeemaker that could sense when I woke and brew at that exact moment!


  86. http://rachel says

    I’d love a two-story house with skylights!

  87. http://Jennifer%20Wilkinson says

    Wow, all of this is so amazing!!! I’m like Lianne!! I would love for my 6 year to be able to help with the washing and he would get a huge kick out of it!

  88. http://Tarah says

    I’d love a slow cooker that worked with me. I am a full time, working mom, so a slow cooker is a great tool. But even the ones with the timers, can leave my food a bit dried out by the time I get home. I’d love one that would start cooking with enough time to be done by the time I get home, not just on warm, like the one I currently have.

  89. Lots of devices that can be controlled remotely.

  90. http://Erica%20Best says

    i would love a Refrigerator that makes it only food list and email me once a week

  91. http://Erica%20Best says
  92. http://Susan%20Schaefer says

    Those appliances are beautiful, and I could live in that laundry room (as opposed to my musty basement in which my decrepit washer & dryer live…)

  93. http://Wendi%20Werren says

    We have a smaller kitchen with oddly placed doorways in a house with an open concept. We are redesigning our kitchen as we speak, and no matter where I put the refrigerator, it looks like a giant monster. The fridge also breaks up counter space. I REALLY wish there was a refrigerator that somehow had an upper component and a lower component, but was open in the middle so my countertop could continue. Maybe it would be one piece, or maybe consumers could buy components to install wherever they wanted. I just wish my refrigerator didn’t have to be this 33×69 unit. If it were built more like the dimensions of cabinetry, it would work so much better. Plus, the height of current refrigerators creates that awkward space above the fridge. I can easily reach the top shelf of my cabinets, but I cannot reach that top shelf over the fridge because my fridge sticks out. If the fridge were taller, I could still reach my items. I can just imagine how handy it would be standing in front of my fridge that also has counter space dividing the top and bottom. I could grab a tomato and chop it right there. Grab the gallon of milk, and my glass could be sitting right there. Practical to build? Who knows…but I can dream!!!

  94. http://Wendi%20Werren says

    Now my mind is running….so for my second entry in the sweepstakes I will add this. I can think of so many applications for a fridge component build more like cabinetry. Anywhere you put a mini fridge, a drawer unit fridge would work and look so much better. In a nursery with a built in, there could be a changing station with storage cabinets and a cabinet/fridge drawer. Middle of the night feedings would be so much easier! In a basement or family room, a built in could have a fridge drawer. A lot of times an entire fridge or even a mini fridge is not needed, just a little space for drinks. In a dream kitchen with practically unlimited space, a client could put a fridge drawer or cabinet wherever she desired. For example, veggies almost always go from the fridge over to the sink to be cleaned. In an island with a sink, one of the drawers could be a fridge drawer where veggies are stored. I could see my husband adding a small unit in the garage. Maybe something like this already exists, but they are not at my local Lowe’s or Home Depot available to the masses.

  95. http://Georgia says

    Future plans? All new Whirlpool appliances! Love them!

    [email protected]

  96. http://Georgia says
  97. http://Shauntea%20Crutcher says

    A self cleaning fridge would be nice.

  98. http://Susan%20Chester says

    My dream future kitchen would have a replicator like on Star Trek so I would never have to cook.

  99. http://Diane%20baum says

    I would love a fridge system that could rotate products and keep track of when something like your milk is past the due date.

  100. http://Rosanne says

    I’d like to have all my GE appliances replaced with Whirlpool. They are the most reliable according to the appliance repairman

  101. http://Rosanne says
  102. http://joseph%20gersch says

    my idea would be a french door refrigerator and a kitchen island

  103. http://Betty%20Baez says

    It would be great If I could place a call from my refrigerator maybe even to order take out?!

  104. http://Betty%20Baez says
  105. http://Francine%20Anchondo says

    I would love a itemize fridge to put in dates of items and see what is past their date of expiration.

  106. http://Debra%20Hall says

    i would love to have a modern updated kitchen with great appliances ,mine is from 1970..my future home would have a self cleaning microwave

  107. http://Katherine says

    Living on a farm I need a self cleaning floor

  108. http://Katherine says
  109. http://Cameron%20Anderson says

    That countertop is amazing I love the HUD. Cooking like tony stark and having a computer built into the counter top would be so helpful.

  110. http://virgil%20poore says

    the future of my home is prolly falling to the ground.it is rotten in the floors and the ceiling leaking.i would like to build a home but cant afford to right now.but i hope to seal the roof and paint and fix the floor.i am greatful we have a warm place to lay our head and call home.

  111. http://virgil%20poore says
  112. http://Erica%20C. says

    The baseboards having vacuums would be amazing.

  113. http://Ashley says

    I would love to have solar panels and energy saving appliances!

  114. http://susan%20smoaks says

    In the future our home should have a robot that folds the laundry.

  115. http://Daniel%20M says

    i’d love a flat stop stove, always making a mess and be easier to clean up

  116. http://tina%20reynolds says

    All of my appliances would be more energy efficient and all would have a touchscreen interface along with being able to be controlled from an app on my phone.

  117. http://tina%20reynolds says
  118. http://Peter%20G says

    Very novel. I would love to replace my refrigerator and have it much more efficient. It would help to keep the electric bills down and keep the food a lot fresher and last longer. The good looks would help too!!

  119. There is a lot of talk today about energy and resource conservation. I would love my future home to conserve to the extreme. Reuse water, solar power, living roof, wind energy, etc.

  120. http://Tanya%20B says

    my idea for the future of my home is to get a hot tub

  121. http://Bruce says

    wireless communication with all appliances

  122. http://Vicki%20andrew says

    they need to make a self-cleaning microwave

  123. http://CharityS says

    Voice-activated washer and dryer.

  124. http://Jennifer says

    The future of my home is bringing our out-dated kitchen into the right era with energy efficient appliances that have smooth, modern lines.

  125. http://Kayla says

    A kitchen with all self cleaning appliances.

  126. http://Olga%20G. says

    Would love to have smart, state of the art Whirlpool appliances with remote controls.

  127. http://Olga%20G. says
  128. http://Olga%20G. says
  129. http://Karen%20Drake says

    I would like to have an oven that has a door that is a flat screen TV.

  130. http://Nicole%20Carter says

    If I had all the money in the world, I would buy it all! I love the refridgerator!
    [email protected]

  131. http://Nicole%20Carter says
  132. http://Paul%20K says

    I would replace my dead dishwasher with a new one.

  133. http://Amanda%20Sakovitz says

    I would love a home with ceiling to floor windows, stainless steel appliances and lots of marble

  134. http://Amanda%20Sakovitz says
  135. http://Crystal%20F says

    We would like to own our own home in the near future. I want my girls to have enough room to be able to bring friends over if they want, I want them to have enough room for all of their stuff and more. We are so cramped in our little apartment and I’m ready to leave it. Thank you!!

  136. http://Tabathia%20B says

    If I owned my own home, I would love to have heated floors in my bathroom and a small electric fireplace in every bedroom, a large kitchen with two ovens and built in freezer in the cabinets in the kitchen and every home should come with a built in panic room or bomb shelter on their property, bay windows in the living room and glass panel doors in the kitchen with a screened porch
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  137. http://Tabathia%20B says
  138. http://Jessica%20H says
  139. http://Jessica%20H says

    I would have a laundry robot that washed, folded and hung my cloths up.

  140. http://Thomas%20Murphy says

    I would love a self cleaning home.

  141. http://Thomas%20Murphy says
  142. http://Shannon says

    I’d love to have more energy efficient appliances.

  143. http://kathy%20pease says

    I would love to see a fridge that keeps track of everything you put in it and a voice tells you when something is going bad and needs to be thrown out..I have stuff that hides and we don’t notice until it smells..lol

  144. http://kathy%20pease says
  145. http://Jack%20Palmer says

    Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  146. http://Betty%20C says

    I’d like to see appliances that would self diagnose when parts are starting to fail and give notice before they stop working.

  147. http://Betty%20C says
  148. http://Veronica%20Garrett says

    I would liked to see a range that can be set to cook food at the right temperature and eliminates grease.

  149. http://nancy says

    I’d like a larger laundry room and new washer and dryer.

  150. http://Candie%20L says

    I would love to have an automatic dish washer. Thank you

  151. http://Suzanne says

    I just need a entire kitchen renovation so any new appliance would be terrific!

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