Whirlpool 20/20 Introduces the Appliances of the Future

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We get to do quite a few ‘cool’ things from being a part of this blog. Being part of the Whirlpool 20/20 campaign for the 2014 CES {Consumer Electronics} Show last week in Vegas is among them. While I didn’t get to actually fly to Vegas to try all these new appliances out in person {now that would have REALLY been cool! Next year maybe 🙂 } I found it fascinating to see where the world of kitchen/home appliances is heading–and it blew me away!

We’re rapidly preparing for a move {yes, again} and part of that move is going to mean we’ll likely be doing at least a small kitchen renovation. Even though we don’t know exactly what the kitchen our new home will be , we know the age of the home we’ll purchase and we know we’ll need to do some things to it to bring it up to our current standards. So, in advance of this, I have spent some time researching appliances and dreaming about the upgrades we’ll make. We learned quite a bit when we built this home HERE a few years ago, and there are things we’d do the same and things we’d improve on.

So, it’s been very enlightening to look into the future with Whirlpool via what they have showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show. Whirlpool’s new concept is built around the three pillars of connection, expression and innovation, its been interesting to see how these have been applied to making life in the home easier, connected and more intuitive and really fun to see how they could be applied in our next home.   Recently I have noticed that though I love to cook, I find myself not cooking as much recently as I miss having a higher-end range ( “I know, I know as my son would say, first world problems!”). However, having just had dinner guests last night when we couldn’t get the dinner done in an oven that seems to just randomly assign a temperature, I am more motivated then ever to upgrade to something reliable in our new home.


The new concept Whirlpool interactive ranges are enticing, with them not only can you assign a temp and a cooking time with your phone or tablet, you can pull up a recipe, make a guest list or even make a phone call. How much would it simplify life to not try to hold a phone and cook dinner? That would be a great time saver!
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One thing they mention in the Whirlpool videos from the CES show is that Whirlpool is bringing things typically seen just in “concept” kitchens actually into our homes. Its no surprise that technology is changing how we do everything and is now having an impact on how we use our home appliances–cooking, doing laundry and keeping our food fresh. In the kitchen of the near future, Whirlpool appliances are talking to each other and anticipating the cooks needs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLaes8Ci02s I think that we’re going to have to put the new Whirlpool Coolvox Refrigerator TM on our wish list. While I like to cook, I LOVE to entertain. And its no secret that every good party winds up in the kitchen. So, how brilliant is it that Whirlpool has added a blue-tooth enabled refrigerator? No need to invest in a separate sound system, with the refrigerator right in the center of the room what better place to provide tunes with its built in Harmon Kardon speakers? Love that!


And finally, the new Duet Washer/Dryer designs are fabulous! No more are you limited to primary colors for our washer/dryers. You can customize your set to reflect your personal style in your home. Chevron, patterns, colors–how fun are these? {Did you catch that, you can get chevron on your washer/dryer!} Check out this video to see all the fun designs:

I have enjoyed seeing what the future of kitchen and home appliances hold, I hope you’ve also enjoyed seeing what Whirlpool is introducing in the future. Its been fun to design-even in my head–the kitchen of our future.

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Since Whirlpool 20/20 is all about a future focused on you, we, want to hear your ideas for it. Leave a comment below telling us your idea for the future for your home and be entered to win a $1,000 grand prize.


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  1. Very cool concepts! Just a heads up that link says the contest ended 4 days ago 🙂

  2. Courtney HIcks says

    Ummm, designs for washer & dryers?!? Count me in! We LOVE our whirlpool appliances, and would love to expand our collection!

  3. I’m still trying to get my house to a mostly done status…we need to replace appliances that are wearing out, and paint, and, and, and. I am slowly finding my vision and learning how to match it with my husbands!

  4. I love Whirlpool and I love that many of their appliances are built in the US. Our current Whirlpool washer and dryer have been moved 7 times and they still work great. (And three of those moves have involved taking them up or down stairs!)

  5. I would love concrete flooring just to make it cheap and easy to live with

  6. BECKY EVANS says

    I would love to see a Microwave that Cooks Multiple Plates at the Same time as well as has a Self Clean Mode.

  7. We need a new dishwasher and I’d love a patio cover! Oh, and painting some rooms. 🙂

  8. Cheryl Bell says

    We are in the process of updating our kitchen after 21 years in our current home, so are looking at all new appliances. It’s been very interesting and exciting to see what all the appliance companies are now offering. I would love all the new upgrades !! And you’re right….to be able to talk on the phone and work in your kitchen without having to prop your phone on your shoulder or yell across the kitchen so the person you’re talking to on your cell phone hears you would be amazing! Not to mention all of the other wonderful innovations these companies are coming up with. We started out with Whirlpool appliances in 1993 and over the last 5 years they have gone out 1 at a time. We are down to only our Whirlpool double oven of which the top oven has fritzed out and I’m baking with only 1 oven. Thanks for post, it has been very enlightening as we appliance search.

  9. Love the refrigerator. Will have to go check it out. We have been using an old refrigerator in the garage since our refrigerator went out two months ago because I can’t decide what to get. This may be the answer. Thanks for the post.

  10. My idea for the future of my home: I would actually like to own a home of my own, firstly, and if I did have a home, I would want solar panels on the roof, and all energy-saving appliances in the kitchen, laundry room, sensor faucets throughout, excellent venting system over the gas range, and a nice open layout that makes moving around in the house, a breeze 🙂

  11. I need an appliance that alerts me when the nuts I’m toasting are perfectly toasted and not burned…….I forget they’re in the oven every SINGLE time……..

  12. Pam Leonard says

    These new appliances are amazing! I can’t believe how innovative a kitchen has become since I bought my appliances in 1992!

  13. I love the designer look and love whirlpool products! My future appliance: I hope for a microwave/convection oven that would not only prepare the food item but clean itself after! A washer/dryer that removed or detected non washable items (markers, crayons, Chapstick) prior to the cycle. I’d love an induction top though that is MY future not THE future as they already exist. :).

  14. I would LOVE to see better designed dishwashers! Deeper models maybe, that let you put more dishes in there. I know you are limited by the depth of cabinetry, but there has to be better technology to include a smaller but more powerful motor and more room/versility for putting dishes in. We are only a family if 4, but every single day, I have the dishwasher completely full and always additional dirty dishes piled in the sink due to lack of dishwasher space.

  15. Brandi Tay says

    We are hoping to remodel our kitchen in the next two years. We had to replace our dishwasher last year (we got a Whirlpool!), and plan on updating the fridge and stovetop as well. The kitchen is the most important room in our home, and the most unloved! I would go for a cabinet depth refrigerator to help save space if I won!

  16. I dream of a future home where the lawn is mowed for me, the floors vacuumed for me, and all my laundry gets folded and put away, not just washed, by machines. This is my home’s future! LOL

  17. Thomas Chappell says

    In the near future i want to be able to control every aspect of my house with my voice… I guess I sort of already do that though… Kids, turn that down. kids, close the door… kids clean that up. It is still in bata testing. It only works about 33% of the time

  18. Thomas Chappell says
  19. I would like to update my kitchen with a much more QUIET dishwasher.
    And we’d like to put up a backsplash – but we’ve been “planning” that for over 7 years.


  20. AAannndd… I tweeted… https://twitter.com/dubbage42/status/424338121660956672

    Very cool Whirlpool info from this year’s CES. #SweepstakesEntry that’s right, a giveaway too! https://www.11magnolialane.com/2014/01/14/whirlpool-2020-introduces-the-appliances-of-the-future-2-giveaways

  21. I’d love a single appliance that is both a washer and dryer – toss in the clothes, come back and they are washed and dried. A space saver and a time saver!

  22. A refrigerator with rotating shelves would cut down on wasted food that gets left at the back of the shelf!

  23. A kitchen that adjusts to the height of the person using it for those with multi sizes in the family from tall to small to in a wheelchair.

  24. Sonya Morris says

    My idea of a future home includes appliances that are easy to clean and are maintenance free!

  25. Sonya Morris says
  26. Becky Richied says

    appliances that have a non-stick surface 🙂 oh yea!!

  27. I’d like to have a heated garage with a smart garage door opener.

    Thanks for the contest.

  28. Amanda Sakovitz says

    I would love a home with ceiling to floor windows, stainless steel appliances and lots of marble

  29. Amanda Sakovitz says
  30. I see my home of the future very similar to the ones depicted by Ray Bradbury and Whirlpool … a smart home that communicates with itself and with its owners. I’m pretty sure we’re very close to that, if we’re not already there. Amazing things have happened in the blink of an eye!

  31. Thomas Murphy says

    I would love a self cleaning home.

  32. Thomas Murphy says
  33. How about a smart fridge that offers healthy eating choices according to what food items are currently inside the fridge? That would be awesome.

  34. What marvelous concepts/ I would love to have a kitchen where the cook top is just built right in to the center island.

  35. Washer and Dryer designs to bling out my drab laundry room? Yes please!

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