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TBP_PageLikeAd_6 We are so thrilled to have been part of a brand partnership with Folger’s Coffee this year. You may recall my Houseguest Breakfast Post {HERE}. When Folger’s asked us to participate in sharing with our reader’s their new “The Best Part” platform, we felt like it was a great fit. Spinning off their “best part of waking up” long-term brand, Folger’s has launched a new social platform about “The Best Part”. What that is is a positive spin on life, a way to start or brighten your day with some good, positive news. How great is that? Can’t we all use some good news for a change?!? FeedAd_Logo2_TM We all know, this week being no exception, how easy it is to turn on the TV or see a headline that immediately adds fear, panic or just sadness to our day. There is much evil in this world, and much of reality can really weigh you down. Don’t you all agree? Well, Folger’s has decided to go head on against all the bad stuff by sharing all the good stuff! So, now when you need to brighten you day– or take it one step further and inspire someone else’s day– with something positive and good, you can join in The Best Part social platform. We at 11 Magnolia Lane believe in the power of optimism. The power that just the simple act of DOING something will brighten your space, your day and your world. We love that this little online community we share has come together to help each other do just that, whether its learning how to paint and repurpose a piece of furniture, joining a cause, making a healthy meal or hosting a meaningful party. These are the things that brighten our days and hopefully yours. We feel that the idea behind The Best Part is the same–how can we step above the negativity that surrounds us, and focus on what we can do to make our day, and maybe even someone else’s day, better for it. TBP_PageLikeAd_2 The “Pay It Forward” idea is not new, in fact our Season of Giving: 24 Days of Random Acts of Kindness series each holiday focuses on just that. We’ll have more on that, and other things that brighten our day, as we continue to share in The Best Part program. Last year during a random visit to a park, my son found this rock in a tree. It made our day! We returned it so someone else could find it and be reminded of such a simple message, but took this picture to preserve the moment. pay it forward rock I have a simple story to share in closing {then be sure to go off and visit The Best Part and brighten your day}. Last weekend my husband took my son through the drive through at Chick-Fil-A to grab breakfast. He came home incredulous, telling me “the woman in front of me paid for our food!” He then said, “so I paid for the order for the person behind us”. But here is the BEST part–the cashier said “Oh yeah, this will just go on and on and on, everyone just keeps paying for the person behind them”. Don’t you love that? All because one person wanted to brighten someone’s day. That’s definitely The Best Part. Join The Best Part on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. We’ll have more Best Part stories soon.

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