Painted, Fabric-Covered Dresser: Update on the Finished Project

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Fabric-covered dresser at 11 Magnolia Lane

If you read {this} post, you saw that I was working on a fabric-covered dresser that I plan to put in my daughter’s walk-in closet when we move.  The master bedroom has a walk-in closet, and one of the other three bedrooms does, too.  She talked my son into signing a contract that gave her sole and exclusive rights to the biggest bedroom–the one with the closet of her dreams.  In return, he gets the second downstairs bedroom, so Sunny can sleep in his room (Sunny still prefers not to do stairs; he doesn’t realize he’s not 150 pounds anymore!).  Since both kids think they “won” this round, I’m going to keep my mouth shut!

Sunny on burlapSunny as a burlap “paperweight”

Since my first post, I gave the dresser a coat of Annie Sloan chalk paint in Pure White, with a little bit of clear wax (not much, though), and I added all of the fleur de lis knobs from Hobby Lobby.  They were $4 each, which isn’t too bad since they are so blingy.  The paint color was originally off-white, but I like this better–more contrast.

Fabric covered dresser at 11 Magnolia Lane

My daughter takes after me and is part magpie (remember, magpies are birds that have an irrational affinity for shiny objects), so the drawer pulls are perfect for her.

Fleur de Lis drawer pulls at 11 Magnolia Lane

To see all the how-to’s on this project, please click {here} to read the original post.

If you’re wondering why I didn’t stage this dresser to shoot pictures for you, it’s because the packers are coming to start the process of moving us from Nashville to Savannah in FOUR days, and my kitchen looks like this:

Messy kitchen at 11 Magnolia Lane

We are good friends by now, or there’s NO WAY I’d be showing that mess to you!  Oh, and my living room looks like this:

Messy living room at 11 Magnolia Lane

So, that’s why you aren’t going to see anything nicely staged for a couple of weeks. At this point, I don’t even know where my underwear is!

Oh, and just to update you on my burlap drum lamp shade that I posted about {here}, it really needed something to jazz it up.  I added an iron-on monogram that I bought at Hobby Lobby, although I just glue-gunned it on.  I think it’s the finishing touch!

Monogrammed burlap drum lamp shade at 11 Magnolia Lane

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  1. I love the dresser, you did a wonderful job. I’m curious….are you a military family moving for that reason? Although I love Savannah, I do not love the humidity and high temps. (Was born there and visited recently, but that was enough, thank you.) Do you already have a house picked out? I wish you luck on the move, and safe travels.

    • Hey Vicki,
      Yes, we’re a military family, and hubby has taken a command at Hunter Army Airfield. We’re going to live on post for the first time ever, so wish me luck! I’m already prepared to sweat from February to November!!

  2. I so love the dresser!…definitely going to be a future project of mine…you gave me such inspiration!!

  3. Lauren Fisher says

    You have SUCH an amazing blog. Inspirational! Thank you!

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