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Pottery Barn striped outdoor curtains
TGIF, everybody!  I am (mostly) taking the day off from blogging because I am painting a few rooms in our new house–my downstairs office (right off the kitchen) and the hallway that leads into the kitchen from the garage. I have big plans for this hallway; I want to put built-ins in the pantry, build some bookshelves for cookbooks in the little niche, and make it an organized drop zone for back to school.

Anyway, since I have brush in hand (and probably paint in my hair!) today, I wanted to share that I’m guest blogging over at Mohawk Flooring’s Creative Home Magazine today about decorating your outdoor living areas like rooms.  There’s lots of beautiful eye candy for you.  {Here’s} the link–enjoy!


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  1. Beautiful outdoor space! You’re a professional painter now ~ 🙂 Don’t work too hard and enjoy your weekend!


  2. Hey Christy,
    Speaking of painting, on my way to Home Depot to checkout colors for one of my guest rooms and my 21 year old daughter’s purple room. She has her own apartment that she can slather with purple.
    Thinking of maybe using the color you used for your kitchen and daughter’s room.
    Seasalt blue?

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