Operation: Organization 2014 ~ Creating an Entryway Drop Zone by Organize 365

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If you enjoyed our two weeks of Operation: Organization back in January, then you’ll be glad to know that we’re going to continue the series throughout the year.  We’ll have guest bloggers share one of their favorite organizational posts on weekends from time to time, to help keep us all motivated AND organized!  To see the rest of the series, just scroll down to the bottom of this page for all of the previous posts.

Today, we welcome Lisa Woodruff, of Organize365.  She’s a professional organizer and speaker with a wealth of organizing knowledge to share.  Today she’s going to show you how she made her back hallway into an organized “drop zone.”  Here it is:

hallway drop zone

My back hallway has never been my favorite area in my house.  I have always longed for a back hall drop zone like the cute cubby photos in Pottery Barn.

I have added hooks and photos here and there. I don’t understand why the kids can’t just hang this stuff up!

Turn your back hall drop zone into a beautiful space.
Last week on OrgJunkie I found this link to Stacey Lee’s Entry Command Centre.

I knew I HAD to do this. The next morning I got right up and started my plan, and I measured the back hall, my frames and calendars.

back hall drop zone
Then I made a to-scale drawing of the wall to see if everything would fit and how long to make the hook holder thingies.

By 8:30 am, Abby and I headed out to Lowe’s. By noon, I was home with wooden boards, screws, and 10 out of the 15 hooks I needed.

I took everything down off the back hallway walls. I decided to quickly paint each wall.

I took the shelves into the kitchen, spread out some waxed paper and started painting.

I didn’t want my wood to stick to the wax paper so I used plastic hangers for the wood to dry upon.

Back in the back hallway, I marked out where the studs were and made a plumb line to visualize where the shelf would hang.

Hubby went from Lowe’s to Lowe’s looking for those 5 extra hooks recognizing my laser focused intensity!

By 5 pm I had done it! I recreated this entry way in my home!

turn your back hall into a beautiful drop zone for kids

Everything above the shelf I already owned. I love the calendars; I had just stopped using them.

The black frame is magnetic. I am going to put the kids’ school flyers and party invitations here.

I like the ledge. I was going to make it a full blown shelf, but it was more costly and who needs another 9 foot long hot spot?

I have already found myself using it for keys, and my cellphone.

The kid’s backpack hooks were already in studs, so they stayed where they were.

Here’s a close up of the hooks:



With the additional hook storage, I added a place for our library bag, a dry cleaning bag, my purse and there is even room for bags of returns!

I am BEYOND thrilled! I finally have the back hall drop zone I have dreamed of!


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  1. Oh I love Lowes and how they provide organization goodies! I’m amazed that all that was done in only one day AND from 1 store…we’ll 6 if you count her hubby driving for more hooks. I also like that the ledge and agree that if it was a shelf it would just be a spot to clutter up! I think the only thing that could make it better is if you had a little outlet with those USB plugin thing to charge your phone with since you set your phone and keys there. Really cute and functional!

    ~ Honey

  2. I am always looking for new storage space without actually buying bins or making room in the basement. This looks perfect. Need to try it out this weekend!

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