My Extreme Spring Cleaning Session Plus an Amazing New Giveaway!

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We had a rare quiet weekend, with no out-of-town guests or insanely packed schedule, so what did I do?  Yes, that’s right, I went on a completely OCD cleaning jag.  It was warm enough that I could throw open all the windows and air out the house, which was totally necessary since Sunny dog hasn’t had a bath in at least six months (that’s kind of medieval, right?  He can’t get in the car so we have to hose him down outside when it’s warm).

When I get started cleaning I usually can’t stop.  This house is the dustiest house I’ve ever lived in, and it’s not just me and the fact that we have almost as many pets as people in the house.  My neighbors all have similar issues.  The added bonus this weekend was that I had my February HomeRight product to try out, and I had been anxiously awaiting  it for almost a month.  No, I don’t get out much.

Look at this baby:

Steam Mop wAccessories2
 This is the HomeRight SteamMachine PLUS Multi-Purpose Steam Mop (say that three times fast!).  This unit works as a regular mop–but with STEAM–or you can detach the blue handheld unit and put it to work with one of the accessories to do about a thousand different things.  Here’s one of the reasons I was waiting for it to arrive:

dirty floor
Yes, we live in filth and squalor.  I’m not proud of it, but that’s just the way it is.

I do vacuum pretty much every day because of all the dog hair, but only mop about once a week.  Well, sometimes less often than that.  I can’t tell a lie!  One of the reasons, besides just being busy, is that I’ve been using one of those fancy mops that shoots the cleaning solution out on the floor.  The refills for that cleaning solution are EXPENSIVE–$5-$6 per bottle–and I go through half a bottle every time I mop our downstairs.  Ouch!  The Steam Mop uses tap water (hello?  Free!) and actually sanitizes your floors with the 205˚ steam that comes out of the nozzle.  Plus, it’s environmentally friendly.  If you have someone in the house who reacts to the strong chemical odors that some cleaning solutions let off, like I do, then you will love this mop.

I decided to mop the tile in the kitchen floor first.  Here’s how you use the SteamMop:  You fill the little tank with tap water, plug it in, turn it on, wait about 30 seconds for it to heat up and then start cleaning.  Pretty fast and easy!

The first thing that I noticed was that all the sticky spots you see in the above picture came up much faster with the SteamMop than with my regular mop.  I had to bend down and scrape a couple of them, but WAY fewer than I usually do.  When I was done with the kitchen, I looked at the removable microfiber pad and had a heart attack:

The pads are removable and washable, so I pulled that one off and put the other one on (it comes with two–very handy).  I went over it a second time but barely got anything else up after the first go around, so it did a great job of cleaning on the first pass.  The head swivels nicely into corners and up onto the quarter round at the base of the cabinets.

Then I pulled off the handheld unit, added the grout attachment, and cleaned a few very nasty spots under my garbage can.  I definitely wanted to sanitize those areas!

I traded the grout tool for one of the small brushes and steamed my baseboards–that was impressive.  I feel like vacuuming never gets them really clean.

I used the brush attachment around the base of the toilet, but there’s no way I’m showing you a picture of that!

Then I headed over to the rug in our living room.  There are some dark spots on it that no one in the family will take credit for.  They’ve been there well over a year.  Would the handheld SteamMachine take care of these?

Why yes, it would!  So I moved on to another spot on my son’s carpet, that was there when we moved in.  I’ve tried to clean it before, but it wouldn’t budge.

That was about 30 seconds of steaming and using the brush.

OK, I’m sold.  Quick, daily, chemical-free cleaning that will sanitize my countertops, floors, carpets (it comes with a carpet glider attachment–great if you have senior pets or toddlers!). It’s okay to use on carpet, tile, laminate, hardwood, vinyl, linoleum and stone (test a small area first, of course).  You can also steam mirrors, showers, clothing, microwaves, the oven, stovetop, faucet fixtures, bathroom tile, refrigerators, grout lines, and so on.  I also used it to steam my curtains that I hung without ironing first because I was lazy, and it did a great job.

It’s available at, but wouldn’t you like to win one a free one?


Click {here} to go to our giveaway page and enter to win your own SteamMop.

And if you’d like another opportunity to win, Kristin over at Bliss at Home is also giving one away this week.  Click here to head over and enter her contest, too.

Disclaimer:  As you all know, I am a HomeRight Brand Ambassador, and every month they give me a product to review and give away to you (yay!).  While they give me a product and compensate me for the time it takes to try the product and write the post, the opinions are always my own.  If I think the product is just “meh,” then I will tell you!  Conversely, if I tell you that I think it’s amazeballs, then I am dead serious and you should immediately run to the store to buy one!   I included our Amazon affiliate link; if you buy through that link we get a small commission (I will name my yacht after you).  You don’t pay a cent more than you would otherwise.

PS If you’d like me to go back to more formal legal mumbo-jumbo in my next disclaimer, I will, but this seemed much more fun!

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