IKEA Kitchens at the Milan World Expo

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How do you think we’ll be cooking in 20 years?

What kind of kitchens will we do it in?

How often do you eat with your family?

And how will we eat the food we make?


These are the kinds of questions that IKEA is asking at their #IKEAtemporary space that they’ve set up at the World Expo in Milan, Italy.  Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall there?  Bloggers love IKEA, of course {see our posts here, here, and here showcasing IKEA products}, so telling you about their latest and greatest is pretty darn exciting!

So what’s going on?  Basically, IKEA has figured out that we all love to hack their products to make them more useful, beautiful, and relevant for our own individual homes, so they’re joining us by creating new kitchen lines that are made to be hacked.

IKEA Metod Kitchen
Like the beautiful Metod kitchen above, you can literally create thousands of different combinations of cabinets, drawers, dividers, and organizers, allowing you to customize your space completely, regardless of its size or shape.  And since it’s IKEA, it doesn’t cost a fortune.

Or do you like a more modern look?  Check out the fully customizable IKEA Hacka kitchen:

IKEA Hacka kitchen

I’m wondering if I can build a mobile version in the back of my car, so that my family can have a nice dinner together every night while we’re driving to and from various school and extracurricular activities?

If you happen to be in Milan (wouldn’t that be amazing?!), check out their 2025 Concept kitchen, created by students at Lund University and Eindhoven Institute of Technology.  And even if you won’t be there to join in the events, talks, workshops, and cook alongs, be sure to check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using the handle @IKEAtemporary or visit ikeatemporary.com.

“Even more brainpower can only be a good thing. We want your thoughts, opinions and feedback on what we could improve. We believe it’s much better when you tell us how you want to live – and not the other way around. You could say that IKEA has the ingredients – but you have the recipes.” – Marcus Engman, Design manager, IKEA of Sweden. ​


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