Holiday Open House–Brett from Being Bianca

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It’s another fabulous day here at 11 Magnolia Lane as we continue our Holiday Open House series. Today we bring you another home from one of our Pretty Preppy Party co-hostesses, Brett from Being Bianca. Her new home is beautiful, and she has a signature decor style–rustic mixed with glam. We love it! You know what they say… birds of a feather and all that…

Here is Brett and her lovely home all decked out for the holidays!




brett small


Hey, y’all!  Brett here from Being Bianca and I’m pleased as party punch to be joining the fun gals of 11 Magnolia Lane and the other Holiday Open House hostesses for some holiday fun.  I swear, I’m swooning daily at the stylings of these holiday homes!  2014 has been a super busy year for our family (hasn’t it flown by?!?), and this holiday season we will celebrate our first Christmas in our new home.

Now, usually come holiday decorating time, I’m a certified Christmas elf and have a full system all figured out (we are talking process machine, y’all!).  But, since this was our “first”, I had a little fun with some new updates and switcheroos.  Join me as I share with you a few of my favorite holiday decor spots in our home.




The outdoor wreathes were freshened up this year with burlap ribbon hangers and large red ribbon bows.  I’ve resisted red bows for many, many years but finally caved this year and love the change.

My style is a fun mix of rustic, natural elements and a little bit of diva tossed here and there.  The front door garland is exactly that with a great mix of fun monograms, glittery accents and burlap.  My small lit side trees were dressed up with a real quick DIY glitter banner.  C’est Noel frames the door and you can check out the easy DIY here.



tour 12

My round foyer table has been the garden spot for my forced bulb vignette since before Thanksgiving.  I’ve swapped out the fall decor for our family nutcracker collection.  A little decorating tip … an easy trick to make forcing paperwhites a cinch; use tall vases and these beauties just seem to grow and grow!  I cannot even tell you how many times a day I’m straightening the “crackers”; Lil B thinks they are the bees knees.

tour 2

Given that I had a house full of decor decisions this year (remember … our first), I went light on the decor in the front foyer, living room and formal dining room.  The sweet nativity set was one of the first things I bought for Christmas decorating when Dear Hubs and I bought our first home.  I know it has seen better days but this spot in the foyer keeps it out of harms way (seriously … I’ve glued more shepherd’s legs back on and livestock ears than I thought possible through the years!).

tour 4

Beginning in these rooms, gold and leopard print reign supreme.  The decor in this space is neutral and transitional; so a few touches really made the difference.  In the living room, a glitter canvas with the words to “Oh Holy Night” are accompanied by a wreath and Santa.  You can check out the DIY for the canvas here.

tour 3

tour 1

tour 14

Just around the corner, our family room is home to the “big” tree.  I seem prone to themes for my trees and this big beauty (over 10 feet tall) is full of feathers, pears and neutral ornaments.  My “Partridge in a Pear Tree” has become one of my favorites through the years.  When Lil B was born, I eliminated all of the fragile ornaments and now have an entirely stress free tree that little hands can admire.  (That’s our King Charles Cavalier, Colby peeping at you from the couch … he says “hi”.)

tour 10

Our family room mantle was a great example of creativity in motion this decorating season.  When I first looked at the space, I knew it has potential but I was completely stumped (again…. that darn TV!).  I’ve had a small collection of Dicken’s Village houses for years now, but this year put them to good use on the mantle with some natural elements serving as garland and filler.  Magnolia leaves, feathers and oversized pinecones serve as a festive backdrop for the houses (and hide the light cord).

Our white stockings hang on an iron stocking holder (a good luck grab at Ballard Designs) and our family (kid friendly) nativity sits in reach for little hands to play and interact.  Check out the easy DIY for this not so fragile nativity set over here.

tour 7

tour 8

The stairs received a festive treatment with more leopard print and feathers.  When this is all lit at night, I seriously just stare at it and try to figure out how to use those leopard bows year round!

tour 9

Now … before you go thinking I have slighted the elf like, colorful Christmas spirit of the season (and feeling sorry for Lil B), there are plenty of other trees and such in the house and one even sports colored lights … so there! 🙂

Oh … and then there is this fun little vignette sitting front and center in the kitchen.

tour 5

tour 15

The small tree is full of really fun DIY ornaments like the Elf Inspired burlap legs and the monogrammed balls.  The snowman tree was a fun add this year at the grand idea of my Bestie K.  She helped scour every Hobby Lobby in town at the end of last season to help find what was possibly the very last snowman head on the planet!  This tree absolutely has to be the fastest of my tree army to whip together… can’t they all be five minute ready?!?  Our little red wagon serves as more prop than a used toy but worked beautifully to hold some festive odds and ends as well as gifts.

After all, this was the site of our North Pole Breakfast for Lil B and friends as we kicked off the season.  This space adds Christmas cheer to our world each day!

elf 1

And now that you are thinking about all things elf (aren’t those hats a hoot?) … I’d just love if you would scoot on over to Being Bianca and check out the rest of the holiday tour and fun DIY projects!  I hope you all have a happy, healthy and blessed holiday season!



Didn’t she do a nice job? We are also in a new house this year, and decorating it for the holidays is like starting at square one in some ways but I love how pulled together Brett’s home already looks.  Thanks so much for sharing with us! Be sure to visit her blog to see all her fun holiday projects.

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  1. Simply adore Brett and her style. Another hometown girl rocks the Christmas scene.

  2. What a fun home, individual, fun and festive! Loved it, especially the leopard print bows {Brett!}

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