Friday Free for All–Tax Organization & Printable Charitable Donation Tracker

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Happy Friday everyone! Today is the traditional Tax Day here in America, I am sure you all are as thrilled about that as we are {#notreally}!

Every year when I do my taxes I promise myself I will get better organized for the next year. I usually do ours online {though an accountant handles all our business related stuff} and it’s always a process, one that leads me straight to a wine bottle once they are submitted! One thing that made a difference in our return this year was that I carefully tracked everything we donated and was able to deduct it. After reading the Marie Kondo Organizing Book and doing a massive closet purge in January, I had another round of donations for this tax year and thought it would be nice to create a system for tracking these things to be sure we had the correct information available at tax time next year.

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As you probably know, for tax purposes {and Turbotax has a nifty little donation tracker that assigns a value per the IRS guidelines} you have to keep a record of every item you donate along with a receipt from the charity.  It seems like a hassle at the time, but when you can write off your donations next year and lower your taxable income you will be glad you did!


So I came up with a printable Donation tracker for you all to simply download and print.  Just click HERE for the file, a printable PDF will pop-up for you. You can print as many as you need, and each time you make a trip to Goodwill or The Salvation Army record a quick inventory of your donation before you drop it off.  Be sure to store your lists for tax time with your other important papers, though you will need to talk to a tax professional to be sure you can take advantage of these deductions per your situation. I hope this helps reduce some stress–next year. This year I probably can’t help you with, but I do recommend wine!


Moving on…I have been reading the book Building Your House by Shannon Upton. It’s such a great little read. She has a beautiful perspective on organizing our homes for our families for God’s purpose. You can see her website HERE to learn more about her ministry. She kindly sent me the book to review for you all and I have to say I really enjoyed reading it. It validates much of my perspective about considering your time each day as a precious gift, I wrote about that HERE.

Last week when I shared my new spring “capsule” fashion strategy and my top six outfits, I talked about this baseball tee but it wasn’t available at the time online. I was happy to see it pop back up for sale on This shirt is seriously SO soft, it’s a great weekend/casual outfit and they also have a short sleeve version available today too for warmer weather.. So if you liked it but couldn’t get it, snatch one up today before they are gone.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend! My son is performing in the Cherry Blossom Parade in DC this weekend so we’ll be fighting the crowds bright and early and enjoying time right in the hub of our great nation. I don’t get down to the National Mall very often anymore, even though we don’t live far away, it’s always a treat to be down there, crazy crowds or not. My son is just excited to be on TV :). Have a great day everyone!

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  1. I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend and get to visit the mall too! Thank you for sharing the printable for donations…I’m the worst at keeping track. A “scattered” list doesn’t help a lot when one is trying to determine values. I appreciate the info about the book too. Definitely, each day is a gift and a blessing for us!


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