DIY Ribbon-Embellished Kids’ Towels and a Bath Time Gift

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DIY Ribbon-Embellished Towels | 11 Magnolia Lane

If you read my earlier post about a Back to School Teacher Survival Kit {here}, then you know that I’m a fan of Target’s up & up line as an affordable substitute for similar name brand items.  

Today I’m back with a fun way to use their colorful and yummy-smelling 3-in-1 Body Wash line as part of a bath time gift for the younger set. We have lots of toddler and preschool aged family and friends, and one thing that’s pretty much universal about kids of that age is that bath time is a time for serious fun.  I used to have to drag my kids out of the tub every evening; they loved to play and splash until their fingers and toes shriveled up.  Gifts related to bath time were always a hit and got lots of use.

DIY Ribbon-Embellished Towels | 11 Magnolia Lane

A few years ago, I decided to sew terry cloth loops onto my kids’ bath towels so that they could easily hang them on a hook.  I don’t know why it’s so much easier for them to hang them on a hook than fold them over a towel bar, but it just is.  


I also picked several rolls of colorful ribbon and used them to embellish the kids’ towels–one color of ribbon per kid so they could tell which towel was theirs. I started with white bath terry bath towels from Target’s Room Essentials line, and one white washcloth that I used for the terry cloth hanging loop (you could also use a loop of ribbon instead). You don’t have to be a great seamstress for this job; just sew around the edges of the ribbon with coordinating thread:

DIY Ribbon-Embellished Towels | 11 Magnolia Lane

I made sure that I sewed over the edge of the ribbon on the reverse side to prevent fraying.  After several washes, it’s still in great shape:

DIY Ribbon-Embellished Towels | 11 Magnolia Lane

Best of all, the kids hang their towels up now! For a creative gift idea, pair one of the ribbon-embellished towels with a plastic bath caddy (I found mine in the One Spot), some colorful bath puffs, and the up & up 3-in-1 Body Washes.  They have four fun and colorful “flavors,” including Berry, Mango, Bubble Gum, and Unscented.  The mango is my personal favorite–it smells so good that I’ve been using it–although my daughter keeps “borrowing” it for her own bath!  Depending on the age of the child, you might add a bag of foam alphabet letters or other tub toys.

DIY Ribbon-Embellished Towels | 11 Magnolia Lane

The 3-in-1 Body Wash line combines body wash, shampoo, and conditioner all in one, for a simple kids’ bath time experience (more time to play!).  The no tangle formula is made with naturally derived ingredients that are paraben-free, dye-free, and–of course!–tear free.  And since they’re part of the up & up line, they’re a great deal!  What’s not to love?

DIY Ribbon-Embellished Towels | 11 Magnolia Lane

What’s your favorite kids’ gift idea?  Leave an answer in the comments below and you will automatically be entered for a chance to win one $100 Target GiftCard!



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  1. http://Stephanie%20Peterson says

    I have a lot of favorite kid ideas! 1) Donating something in their name. Cuz my kids have plenty! 2) Buying something “big” from craigslist, like Lego table or play kitchen. You can find a steal usually in good shape and can even add a vinyl name to make it their own. 3) Anything handmade, like a card or picture they can put on their wall. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  2. My favorite kid’s gift idea is age appropriate art supplies. I love encouraging children to be imaginative and creative.

  3. http://judi says

    I really like the up&up line, to.
    My favorite kid gifts usually center around books with a “go along” object…puzzle, stuffed animal, something that ties in with the book.

  4. http://Kelly%20D says

    My kids always enjoy electronics, like a remote controlled car or helicopter, so that is my favorite gift idea.

  5. http://Kelly%20D says
  6. http://Lisa%20Brown says

    I am not creative with kids gift ideas; maybe a toy or gift basket with toys and candy.

  7. http://Lisa%20Brown says
  8. http://Elena says

    My favorite kids gift idea is LEGO

  9. http://Elena says
  10. http://Elena says


  11. http://heather says

    My favorite kids gift idea is something with their name on it. I love to give something personal like that whether it’s a pillow or jacket or neckace.

  12. http://Natalie says

    My favorite kid’s gift idea is a bunch of different art supplies to foster their creative brain!

  13. http://Natalie says
  14. http://Mami2jcn says

    Crayola products are always a winner!

  15. http://Mami2jcn says


  16. http://Mami2jcn says
  17. http://Becky%20W says

    For girls especially, I love to put together a tub or bin of dress up clothing and accessories to be used in their future…it’s something to look forward to for the mommy! 🙂

  18. http://Amy says

    My go to gifts for kids are books, puzzles and craft supplies.

  19. http://Beverly says

    My granddaughters really like the handmade pillowcases I’ve made them out of fabric they choose. All the kids I know also like Tshirts with appliques which depict something they love. We have used university mascots, cowboys and cowgirls, and even just their names or initials – the flashier the better for the younger ones!

  20. http://Ashleigh%20Hall says

    I love to give a backpack filled with school supplies and art supplies to kids!!

  21. http://Dotti%20O. says

    Cute idea! My favorite kid’s gift idea is to make a felt countdown banner with their favorite holiday as the final date. I put little pieces of wrapped candy, or small toys based on the interests of the child, in the numbered pockets for them to choose each day leading up to the big holiday. Then it can be re-used each year. The parents like it too.

  22. http://Sherry%20Wendelburg says

    I love to give a personalized book. One that incorporates their name throughout the story! Not only do they enjoy a story that they are a part of but also helps them learn to recognize/spell their own name over time :). I had these given to me as a kid and I still have it!

  23. I love to give art supplies ~ stickers too. There are so many items you could include for age appropriate. I like to give books too. Encourage creativity as well as a desire to read!

    I love this bath time gift!


  24. http://Crystal says

    My favorite gift idea is usually something personalized for their room…

  25. http://steve%20weber says

    My favorite kid’s gift idea is something that gets them outside and active.

  26. http://Sara says

    I love to give children books!

  27. http://Julie%20Wood says

    My kid’s favorite gift idea is to give Lego’s or Lincoln Logs because they are a classic toy and so much fun to play with!

  28. http://Julie%20Wood says
  29. http://Sandra%20Marshall says

    My favorite gift ideas for a child are books, crafts and legos.

  30. http://Elle says

    My favorite kids’ gift idea is to give a book or 2 on something that you know the child is interested in whether it be Barbie or superheroes, etc.. to get them reading. Art and craft supplies are also always winners.

  31. http://anna%20pry says

    my fave kids gift idea is a trunk of dress up clothes [email protected]

  32. http://Sonya%20Morris says

    My favorite gift idea are items for outside including bubbles, chalk, and balls.

  33. http://Sonya%20Morris says
  34. http://Jenna%20D says

    My favorite gift is educational toys! I really like the leap pad!

  35. http://Jenna%20D says
  36. http://Madeline says

    My favorite kids gift idea of the moment is a gift card to our local ceramic craft store where a child gets to pick a ceramic item, paint it, and have it glazed.

  37. http://Kristen says

    I like to give books and comfy pajamas together.

  38. http://Kristen says
  39. http://kjasus says

    i love giving coloring supplies.

  40. http://kjasus says
  41. http://Nicole%20D says

    My favorite kids gift idea is board games or any other form of game they can be interactive with. My kids love there games.

  42. http://Nicole%20D says
  43. http://latanya says

    I like giving learning games or learning cartridges for innotab

  44. http://latanya says
  45. http://Kristi says

    I love to give books and/or puzzles.

  46. http://Kristi says
  47. http://Christy says

    I love buying children’s books for my friends’ children. You can never have too many books!

  48. http://Laurie says

    I love to give my grandkids cute t-shirts with characters they like

  49. http://Jessie%20C. says

    My favorite kids’ gift ideas are books and Lego sets.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  50. http://Jessie%20C. says


  51. http://beverly%20e says

    My favorite kid gift is a new-sew throw fleece blanket: perfect for cuddling up with in their jammies to watch a movie or great for napping in the car on trips!

  52. http://Allison%20Downes says

    This is such a cute idea! I love doing art and craft supply gifts.

    Thanks for the nice giveaway.


  53. http://Allison%20Downes says
  54. http://Marissa says

    I think gifts that teach them about others are important. Donation events, soup kitchens, or hanging out with ill children and having them pick out one of their own toys to give!

  55. http://ANGEL%20JACKLYN says


  56. http://ANGEL%20JACKLYN says
  57. http://Susan%20Smith says

    My favorite kids gifts are art activities like paint, play dough and crayons.

  58. http://Susan%20Smith says
  59. That is a cute kit! I like consumable gift ideas like this one. Anything that is not a toy!

  60. http://vida says

    I love to give art supplies–a bound sketch book, drawing pencils, quality paint brushes and paints, etc.–and a good How-to Book (love Northlight art books!)to older children (say 8 and up) who express an interest in art. Craft supplies like stickers, colorful papers, and decorative edged scissors are also fun to give.

  61. http://Joann%20Belcher says

    My kids’ favorite idea is age appropriate books. My grandson loved his books, cause his mom would read them at bedtime. It was one on one time with his mom.

  62. http://Becky%20M says

    I love to give books and a variety of art supplies.

  63. http://Lauren%20E. says

    My fave kid gifts have always been the craft supplies project boxes. Let their imaginations run free

  64. http://maria%20cantu says

    Age appropriate books.

  65. http://Janice%20Cooper says

    I like giving books, crafts like art or coloring kits etc….

  66. http://Janice%20Cooper says
  67. http://D%20Schmidt says

    My favorite is definitely art and craft supplies because I love to inspire creativity.

  68. http://D%20Schmidt says
  69. http://Deborah%20Anderson says

    My sister made a fabric carryall for crayons that is just adorable!! Room for coloring books, individual slots for crayons, and ties into a handy secure roll for tossing into an overnight bag.

  70. http://Sara says

    Books are my favorite thing to give, and I try to find the ones that my children loved most.

  71. http://Tina%20M says

    I love to give books .

  72. http://Tina%20M says
  73. http://sherri%20crawford says

    art sets are my fav

  74. http://Cynthia%20C says

    My favorite gift for kids is books. You can always give them a book that matches an interest they have and it encourages them to read and learn.

  75. http://Cynthia%20C says
  76. http://Kerry says

    I like getting a cute personalized bag and filling it with little things for them to enjoy.

  77. http://Mary%20Catherine says

    My favorite is something they can USE! Arts and crafts are my go to! These never seem to end up in a corner forgotten after a week.

  78. http://Megan says

    My favorite thing to give is games. I have a romantic notion that the game will bring us together as a family to laugh and play. Most of the time, it does!

  79. http://Kerry says
  80. http://Gina%20M says

    I love giving kids books to encourage reading!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  81. http://Gina%20M says


  82. http://meredith says

    I love giving books and a small gift card so they can get something fun

  83. http://meredith says
  84. http://e%20michelle says

    my favorite kid gift is something that can play with for more than a day.. something craft like my kids have really gotten into doing thier own crafts!

  85. http://Barbara%20Montag says

    The kids love everything to do with crafting and puzzles – thank you.

  86. http://Barbara%20Montag says
  87. http://Ashley%20Tucker says

    I like to give art supplies or puzzles.

  88. http://Ashley%20Tucker says
  89. http://Wanda%20McHenry says

    I always do the famous go-to toy gift.

  90. http://Wanda%20McHenry says
  91. I like art supplies! They are perfect for rainy days and don’t leave clutter in the house.

  92. http://Laura%20J says

    Oh what a neat idea on the bath gift set! I love that idea! I love to give little packages that I have been doing for my nieces and nephews for years. All year long I collect little things to put inside that they would love…then at Christmas I wrap the box…and they have all kinds of goodies! so fun!

  93. http://Laura%20J says
  94. http://Laura%20J says

    2. Tweet (public message) about this promotion

  95. http://rachel says

    Books! They spur on the imagination.

  96. http://LINDA says

    HI,kids seem to really like small electronic toys now!
    Thanks for sharing!

  97. http://Denise%20L says

    Your gift is so cute! I like to put together an art kit filled with homemade play dough, homemade paint, markers, glue and different kinds of paper. Glitter too, if it’s ok with mom!

  98. Very cute! My boys are 8 and 10 so we are heavily into electronics these days!

  99. http://Heather says

    My favorite gifts for my kids are arts and craft supplies. They get way to many toys at Christmas time anyway; it’s nice when some of it is consumable. We always buy books and movies for stocking stuffers too.

  100. http://Neiddy says

    I like making gift baskets with goodies the kid in question would enjoy

  101. http://Neiddy says

    tweeted -

  102. I always try to give gifts that are either eco-friendly in nature or teach kids about living life eco-friendly. One of my fav brands of toys is Green Toys. All of their toys are made out of recycled milk jugs!

  103. I doesn’t appear that my tweet entry took. Here it is again. Sorry if it is a duplicate. Please delete if it is! Thanks!
    I tweeted here:

  104. http://Debra%20C says

    I love giving books.

  105. http://Amanda%20Sakovitz says

    i think a tablet is a great gift idea

  106. http://Annette says

    My favorite kids’ gift idea is an arts and crafts kit, complete with everything needed to make the item.

  107. http://Annette says
  108. http://Ellie%20Wright says

    I like to give movie night gifts. A kids DVD, snacks, maybe hot cocoa mix with a mug and marshmallows too.

  109. http://Thomas%20Murphy says

    My favorite kid gift idea is a lego set.

  110. http://Sarah%20L says

    Books, books and more books. Kids can never have enough books and I get them at thrift stores and our library’s book sale. I keep in mind what each kid is interested in and find books for that.
    Thanks for the contest.

  111. http://Sarah%20L says
  112. http://Julie%20Spear says

    My favorite kids gift is to do an easy personalized stepstool build, and stencil the child’s name on the stool. You can find tutorials all over for Pinterest to build these, if needed. And extra points if they are color coordinated with child’s bedroom or bathroom!!!

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