Friday Free for All-Easter Edition

{Easter Tablescape}

Happy Friday everyone!

I have a few quick things to share with you today. We are wrapping up our first Spring Break this week, I got much less done this week than I hoped but had some quality time with my kids which is always the best thing.  We’ll be celebrating Easter with family this weekend and hoping to knock out some yard projects if the weather holds. My daughter is on Spring Break next week so that will be round two!

I am also planning a closet clean-out this weekend, I am so ready to pack away my heavy sweaters and scarves. While in Annapolis my girlfriend and I were discussing our closets and how we wear so little of what is actually in them. It reminded me that last year I wrote this post on a Spring Capsule wardrobe, when I went back to look at it I realized I still wear many of these outfits on a regular basis. I updated it with links for this year {if I couldn’t find the exact item I linked to a new version, you can see all the ideas HERE}. It helped me think about what I really needed to add to my clothes this Spring in a more intentional way.

Another fun thing I keep meaning to share is that as much as I love Instagram, sometimes you only get the bits and pieces of people’s lives/homes/style etc, especially when there isn’t a blog along with the feed. While these snippets are what IG is all about, every once in awhile I see a home in my feed that is so pretty I want to know more. There is a fabulous blog series called Beautiful Homes of Instagram, you can see some of these dreamy homes HERE. If you have a few quiet minutes you might enjoy the eye candy!

{via @carolineondesign}

Finally, this is Good Friday. While I can blog about fashion and beautiful homes, the most beautiful thing is that this weekend we celebrate our risen Savior. Easter is about hope, our salvation, and the joy that HE is risen!



This joy of this song is what this weekend is all about, and her voice is so incredibly beautiful. We will have this playing on repeat this weekend!

Happy Easter, friends!

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  1. have a blessed easter weekend.

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