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fall centerpiece decor table

Happy end-of-October, friends!  This is a post that I wrote just over three years ago, when we were living in Savannah.  First of all, I can’t believe how time flies!  Second, I love looking back to see how my decorating style has evolved over time.

My house is very “collected,” which means that things are constantly changing.  I try to donate or sell something whenever I bring something new home, so some of the goodies I’m showing off in this post aren’t even in my home anymore!

Enjoy this “From the Archives”


We’re still hitting ninety degrees on the thermometer down here, so I’ve been a little slow in putting up our Fall decorations.  We managed a fire in our fire pit last night, but we couldn’t sit too close!

I’ve brought in a few autumn touches over the past week, though.  My daughter and I picked up a few Cinderella-type heirloom pumpkins and stacked them on the front porch:

front porch stacked pumpkins

Our front door looks too busy with anything on it, so I layered my door bucket over the vintage window.


The Spanish moss is off the trees in front of our house–how cool is that?  I am thankful to some new friends who are Savannah-born-and-bred, who cautioned me not to bring said moss into the house, and to beware of the tiny bugs that live in it.  I think I can microwave it, though, to kill all the creepy crawlies?

heirloom pumpkin topiary

Stepping into our front hall, there’s more moss (but this came out of a bag from the craft store):

hydrangeas pumpkins

The thrift store mirror was originally gold, I painted it in {this} post.

front hall Fall decor

And the antique sugar mold (turned candle holder) is from the Nashville flea market.  Read about that epic shopping journey {here}.

sugar mold candle holder

I gave the dining room table some fall touches, too, with some natural-colored pumpkins under a cloche (cloche and white plates on rack:  HomeGoods)…

fall centerpiece

…And some turkey salt and pepper shakers:

turkey salt pepper shakers

I also added a stack of white dessert plates.  We seem to have lots of company down here, which is great, so I like to be prepared!


The neutral colors in our house {see our color choices here} make it easy to change decorating schemes for different holidays.  And since someone always asks if I don’t link to it, here’s the tutorial for how I painted, recovered, and monogrammed our dining room chairs.


I know it’s not the typical orange and black Halloween colors, but I have to say that I really prefer the more peaceful and natural color palette.

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  1. It is so hot here too! At least the kiddos will have good weather for trick or treating.

  2. I don’t know if you ever felt as if you would be pregnant forever…I did! 🙂 Especially with my son, the first. He was 3 weeks late! Anyway, to get to the point, I think we’re going to have summer forever. Ugh! 85* or so daily and 70’s overnight. I really hate heat & humidity ~


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