2012 A Season of Giving

While this series has been on our hearts and minds for the last few weeks, with all the excitement with kicking off holiday decorating, Christy’s magazine feature and my daughter’s birthday party December 1st snuck up on us.

We started this series last year, {read HERE} the concept being that each of the three of us –and we were thrilled some of our readers participated as well– made a commitment to give back and brighten someone’s day with a small kindness each day during the holiday season.

Terry originated this series for us. Her giving ‘quest’ last year led her from just small daily acts of kindness to discovering a local needy family desperate for household goods and christmas gifts for their children. Her effort resulted in her collecting donations, purchasing gifts and delivering to them to Social Services for 75 children in foster care who otherwise wouldn’t have received anything.

Now, that is the SPIRIT of the SEASON isn’t it?!?

Terry is already on the ball this year {despite being pregnant!}. She has already filled her truck with donations from kind friends, family and her church members for the children in her local Social Services foster program. She was thrilled to share with me two generous people had donated bikes this year! How awesome is that?

So, we officially started this on December 1st.  I spent that morning at church making gifts with the children. It was so heartwarming to hear their excited chatter as they made each gift, telling each other that this one is for “my mom” or “my friend”.  It really made me SO excited about starting our “Acts of Giving” initiative again this year.

So…here we go! This year we’ll be posting our efforts on Facebook so make sure you “like” us if you are interested in keeping up {and of course, keep tabs on all sorts of other juicy Magnolia Lane details we share there}. We would LOVE to hear your Random Acts of Kindness, so let us know if you are joining in by commenting away!

And, if we might request a first act of kindness… please make your first effort to share this quest. After all, can you imagine how much good could be done if the thousands {millions?} of blog readers joined with us this month?

Hope your holidays are off to a wonderful start!




  1. My husband and I decided last year to donate what we would have spent on each other, to charity. We also give our two children $25 in lieu of an additional gift, so they can donate it to a charity of their choice. They are excited about it. Helps to teach them the true meaning of Christmas.

  2. What a beautiful idea! And how good of you to take the lead on this and use your platform to encourage others to give. May our Christmas spirit last all year through!

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