Season of Giving: Day’s 14-19

Days 14-19:  A Collaborative Effort.

I really thought I would be listing a new act of kindness daily but this past week has been dedicated to emailing, following up, collecting, gathering, labeling, wrapping, buying and delivering gifts to an additional 20 women and children in need here in Fauquier County.  After it is all said and done, Erin and I have collected multiple gifts for over 75 children.  People have been so GENEROUS this holiday season we are just so touched!!!  We have also been able to sponsored 4 additional families just this past week.  We could not have done this alone and I know it is due to God’s grace that we accomplished so much in 5 days.   I have to send out a heart felt thank you to the following people who have supported me and this mission of giving:

Erin F. (my partner in crime), Amy B., Christine K., Annabell L., Robin R., Sara & Hans C. (and all their church members for donating SOOO much) Nicole J., Emily V., Stacey Y., Michelle A., and Trinity J.  What would I have done without you support and help this past week and what a COLLABORATIVE effort to say the least.   I honestly delivered two truck loads of gifts and donations to the Department of Social Services.  They were blown away by our donations and efforts.  Erin, I think we may have a permanent job in 2012:)

Happy Giving and Joy to the World!


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  1. Greetings Terry!

    What a giving thing you are doing for the people of Fauquier County.

    Merry Christmas to you ladies and your families. Maybe a Warrenton meet-up is in the cards for us in 2012! I would love for all the local area bloggers to get together next year….I think there are quite a few of us within a 50 mile radius. It would be fun meeting everyone, don’t you think?

    Enjoy the holidays

    Janet xox

    • Thank you so much Janet. You are very sweet. I had lots of fun so it was a bit selfish on my part:)
      I would love to get the local bloggers together. I am going to work on this and try to come up with a good location and date to meet up.
      Take care and Merry Christmas!!

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