Season of Giving: Day 8-13

WOW- what a week here at 11 Magnolia Lane.  We have been working really hard on our “24 Days of Giving” but I have to say, last week was hard.  One of the programs I choose to support this holiday season was to provide gifts for children in Fauquier Social Services.  I partnered up with a good friend and we managed to provide gifts for over 50 children.  It hasn’t ended there as the requests continue to come in.  It has take much more time than I originally planned but it has been a wonderful experience through and through.  Long story short, I have not been able to do as much as I planned this past week but I do have to say, my friends chipped in and helped me continue my goal of 24 Days of Giving.  I guess that is why it is called the “Season of Giving”….. when I was in need, my friends “gave” back to me.  They supported my mission, gave me lots of love and support so that I could reach my goal.  Thank you to everyone who got me through Days 8-13.  I am feeling more motivated than ever and I am looking forward to the next 11 days of Giving….

Day 8: Picked up litter in my neighborhood.  What a great way to get some exercise and teach my boy’s about Mother Earth and selfless acts of kindness.

Day 9: Brought doggie treats to our local SPCA for all the sweet animals that reside there.

Day 10: Delivered homemade “snowman” holiday gifts to my neighbors (more on this later).

Day 11: Dropped off a toy at a local Toys-For-Tots collection location.

Day 12: My dear friend Christina shared her Random Act of Kindness with me and I had to share it with you.  She was mailing some packages at her local shipping store and the young man in line in front of her didn’t have enough money to send his package.  She kindly offered to pay for his shipment in full which was a bit over $14 dollars.  What a sweet, kind and generous gesture.

This is where the story gets even better….  She had more shopping to do and went next door to Game Stop to pick up a few gifts for family members.  While she checked out, her total was much less than expected so she asked the clerk why?  He said that there was a sale today and she would receive her least expensive game for free.  That game would have cost her the same amount of money as the package cost to mail.  That, to me, is just a blessing back from God after her very generous Random Act of Kindness.

Day 13: Gave my mailman a gift card to Starbucks and thanked him for all his support over the past year. Rain, sleet or snow… he has always delivered our mail and has always been very sweet to my two eager boys that want to carry the mail inside.   I really appreciate his kindness and dedication especially with all the cut backs the USPS has experienced this year.

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