Friday Free For All: Our Trip to New York

We took a quick trip up to New York City last weekend, for Mother's Day and just because--and I thought I'd share a bit about our stay. My son and I were in Boston just a few weeks ago (we went on the 10th grade class trip with his previous school in Savannah), but my daughter hasn't flown since … [Read more...]

“OH Darling, What if you Fly?” Middle School Dance

Do the words "middle school dance" make you cringe or bring back fond memories? I promise that the event I have to show you all today will forever change how you think of a middle school event. Our long-term readers will remember that we used to be a blog 'trio' here at Magnolia Lane, our … [Read more...]

Our Seaside Florida Vacation

  I am settling back in after a few of the best weeks of our Summer. A few weeks ago I set off, first to see Christy's new house in North Carolina {it's awesome y'all!} and then together we went on to the Haven Conference in Atlanta which is always just the best time--not only because I get … [Read more...]

Perfect Weekend Getaway–The San Antonio Riverwalk

Last week I tagged along with my husband on his business trip to San Antonio, Texas. I have always heard how great the San Antonio Riverwalk is and have to say, it did not disappoint. It was the perfect place to escape "real" life and relax and decompress. I took a ridiculous number of … [Read more...]

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