A New “Old” Beach House

  Yesterday I shared some of the fun things we did on our recent vacation to the Seaside area in Florida. When I started writing that post it was exclusively supposed to be about the cute beach house we stayed in and some of the shopping we did, but then it ran on and on and was really long! … [Read more...]

Summer Dinner: Steak Salad Recipe

I mentioned this recipe a few days ago; I served it to Amy when she came to stay overnight on our way to the Haven Conference.  It was yummy, and easy, and gluten-free, so I wanted to share. My husband thinks it's important that I tell you that this is a waste of a perfectly good steak, which … [Read more...]

Summer Mudroom & Updates

  How is your summer going? I feel like it is just flying by, which makes me a little sad. We've worked really hard to slow down this summer and just enjoy sleeping in, family time and making time at the pool and just 'hanging out' a priority. My kids are growing so fast I don't know how many … [Read more...]

Beat the Heat with Cool Indoor Decor!

Hi everyone and happy-almost-weekend! I just wanted to share that today I am over at the Mohawk Creative Home blog sharing ways to make your home feel cool even when it's sweltering outside! Click on over HERE to see how Christy and I incorporate cool colors into our home decor. I am a busy bee … [Read more...]

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