Ice Tea for Moms & Summer Tea for Kids {Recipes!}

I don't know about where you are but it has been REALLY hot here! Today I have something fun to share with you-- this ice tea recipe my husband concocted for our kids and an alternative "healthy" version for Moms, what I drink! This sort of started as a joke around our house but it has been such a … [Read more...]

“Light Up the Night” Summer Housewalk

As much as I love our backyard and deck, we have hit that time of year when I can only stand to sit out there early in the morning and after dark.  It's just too hot otherwise! We have an absolutely enormous deck, with two balconies on the second level, and there's always something to see as … [Read more...]

Getting Control of your Summer! {Organization Tool}

  First, I wanted to share that I am guest posting today on one of my favorite blogs; Abby from Just a Girl and Her Blog invited us to share our favorite organized space, so of course that means I get to talk all about my Kate Spade inspired Home Office. You can see it … [Read more...]

Friday Free for All

We're actually down to our last two weeks of summer, if you can believe it.  My kids are on a modified year-round schedule, and so they start school the first week of August. Because of a combination of events--my husband's busy job, my daughter's five weeks at a ballet intensive, etc.--we … [Read more...]

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