A Mother’s Day Home Tour

House Front Home tour

Happy Mother's Day to everyone. I hope all you moms out there get a well-deserved break! I decided to take a detour from our regular Spring Open House series today since it's Mother's Day, and instead feature someone very special to me, my mom! I am also going to be sneaky and share a bit of her … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day {When Your Mom Isn’t Here}

Heading to Spain for a year abroad; she taught Spanish after college.

**Fair warning:  I couldn't make it through writing this post without some tears, so this is your chance to walk (or run) away if you don't feel like getting misty today!** This is for those of you who will wear a white carnation today, instead of a red one. First, I'd like to wish all of you who … [Read more...]

From the Archives–Mother’s Day Printable

helen keller quote

I wanted to share another one of our "oldies but goodies," from the archives here at 11 Magnolia Lane.  Mother's Day is on May 12th this year, so it's time to get your acts together!  This printable quote that Amy designed would look gorgeous in a thrift store frame, and would be perfect for your … [Read more...]

Easy, Knock-off Monogrammed Frames

frame with flowers

  I have always loved these frames by Marye Kelley. This one was a special gift and it matches the décor in my house perfectly. Recently I was organizing my office and I found these craft frames I had tucked away. I knew I could very easily make some more frames similar to the pricier Marye … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Printable

helen keller picture

Mother's Day always seems to sneak up on me, its always SO busy the first week of May. I thought I would offer a little help to all of you in the same position. I have loved this small sign my Mother has had in her house for years. I decided to re-create it and post it as a quick printable. So, all … [Read more...]

Personalized Stationery Giveaway!

Personalized Stationery with a Name & (Optional) Quote at the bottom

Just in time for Mother's Day we are hosting a personalized stationery giveaway here at Magnolia lane from my design business, www.gracepaperie.com. The giveaway is for 15 custom designed cards and envelopes in the color or text of your choosing. I can also add a quote at the bottom of the … [Read more...]

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