Our Painted Kitchen Cabinets–Two Years Later {& What I Learned}

This post is sponsored by HomeRight and may contain affiliate links, you can see our disclosure policy HERE. As always, all opinions are truly my own. Two years ago (to the day!) I wrote this post about our kitchen, proudly revealing the freshly painted cabinets. I wanted to not only show off how … [Read more...]

HomeRight Finish Max Pro Giveaway!

You all know how much we love our FinishMax paint sprayers from HomeRight? You can see all our favorite projects here. I simply could not have done my deck rails this Fall when we made over our deck without this sprayer! This was such a huge job but spraying it made it so much more manageable. I … [Read more...]

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Staining Your Deck

This post is sponsored by HomeRight, all opinions are my own. Ok, before we begin let me first say that if you are truly a "lazy girl" don't take on this project! Hire someone, staining a deck is NO JOKE! LOL! Here is what our deck looked like when we started, this picture was taken after … [Read more...]

A New Giveaway: the HomeRight Small Spray Shelter

Have you ever had an unfortunate episode with spray paint?  Mine involved my husband's car and some gold overspray, which is part of the reason I'm now driving his (slightly sparkly) old car.  And yes, we're still married. {See how to DIY a striped gold vase here} Last month, I posted about the … [Read more...]

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