Our Best Fall Decor ideas

Best Fall Decor & Recipes

  Since Labor Day is upon us, football season has started and we even have a few leaves on the ground outside I think it's safe to start talking about Fall. I added 'decorate outside' to my continuing list of  Things to Do so I am looking for inspiration all over Pinterest.  I thought … [Read more...]

Fall Wreath and Initial Monogram Giveaway!


  I posted this wreath on facebook and instagram and I appreciate all the warm/fuzzy feedback.  Since we've been getting questions on where I got the "B" we decided to jump right in and start the giveaway we've been planning for one of these fabulous monograms from Tamera at Scrappin' Plus. … [Read more...]

Our New Home: Back Porch Decorated for Fall

patio conversation seating area

 Last week, I showed off my back porch over at Savvy Southern Style for Kim's readers.  She does a great weekly feature called "My Favorite Room," and right now, this is my favorite room (OK, outdoor room!) since it's finally cool enough in Savannah to be able to stand being outside!  In fact, the … [Read more...]

Decorating the Front Porch for Fall and Thanksgiving

Fall front porch at 11 Magnolia Lane

Good morning!  Let me start by giving a shout-out (and a HUGE thank you) to Kelly at Eclectically Vintage for featuring my old North Carolina house in her Exceptionally Eclectic series today.  Looking at her gorgeous home, and the others she's featured in the past, I am officially in tall cotton!!  … [Read more...]

Whipped Apple Cider Martinis {Halloween/Fall}

drink image marked

  Oh Yum!!! If you need anything more to like about Fall, here is the perfect drink to toast the season. In my house, as soon as the apple cider hits the stores this drink becomes a one of our favorite adult treats. I have mentioned my husband's talent for bartending previously, he … [Read more...]

My Latest “Thrift Shop Chic” Outfits

Pink jacket from thrift store

When I was growing up, I would have died rather than shop at a thrift store.  I was lucky enough to have the option not to, growing up in an affluent suburb of Washington, DC, but a lot of people don't have the luxury of being so snooty.  Both of my parents came from more humble beginnings, and I … [Read more...]

“F” is for Fall Fashion Inspiration Board

F is for Fall Fashion

Don't you wish you could shop all day long?  I sure do!  Unfortunately, my busy schedule and empty wallet usually gets in the way of my shopping dreams:).  Luck for me, I have found a creative outlet to help me through the days that I cannot shop.  I am sure by now most of you have heard of … [Read more...]

Fall Decor

Fall centerpiece from 11 Magnolia Lane

It took me awhile this year {or did everyone just start decorating earlier?} to get into the swing of fall...maybe because its in the 80's here on the coast of Virginia and has been so humid it feels like we live, as we kindly say, in the "tropics", Ugh! Last year at this time we had just moved … [Read more...]

Autumn Apple and Curry Chicken Salad

chicken and apple curry salad

  I just had the pleasure of chaperoning my son's kindergarten field trip to a local apple orchard.   Look at those delicious red apples!  I ate quite a few while walking around and they were quite tasty.  While savoring the sweet autumn flavor it gave me an idea for a creative new take on chicken … [Read more...]

Dressing Up my Front Table with Fall Decor

Natural front hall table decor from 11 Magnolia Lane

I do love Fall, and Saturday was the first day of autumn so it's officially here!  I love when it's cold enough that I can sleep with the windows open at night, although my husband and I are still working through some temperature control issues that remain the most serious threat to our continued … [Read more...]

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