Dining Room Tables & Kitchen Tables?

dining in kitchen close up

One thing we did shortly after moving in our house was switch our dining room table with our kitchen table.  Our switch was more of an experiment, but I liked it so much we've kept it that way ever since. Recently I have spoken to several people who have done the same thing so I no longer think … [Read more...]

The Yummiest Raspberry Martini Recipe

raspberry martini recipe

Here it is! As promised, and served at my recent Dinner Party. These drinks are yummy, but first I must tell you: Here is what you will need: A martini shaker Ice (preferably crushed) Raspberry Vodka Razz-ma-tazz or other raspberry liquor Sour Mix (not "sweet & sour" mix) Squeeze of fresh … [Read more...]

{How to} Cook for a Dinner Party

Menu for dinner party

    As promised I am back with more details on the menu I served for my recent Dinner Party. Here is the menu~ APPETIZERS Brown Sugar Dijon Brie Cheese & Cracker Plate MAIN COURSE Shrimp Scampi (from Barefoot Contessa) Feta Salad (brought by my friend Tracey) Focaccia … [Read more...]

Oh What a Night! {Dinner Party time!}

dinner party tables cape

Wow...if you were wondering, the Dinner Party I had on Saturday was a great time! I am so glad I did it. I plan to do a follow-up post on just the food as I think my menu worked out perfectly and so I will share it in case anyone wants to replicate parts or all of it. (View my post on planning the … [Read more...]

It’s almost Party Time…

table 2

Yes, I have a lot to do for my party tonight..starting with making myself pretty and peeling many pounds of shrimp for the shrimp scampi, but here is a sneak peak of my tablescape. Check back monday for my follow-up post!   Thanks for stopping by! … [Read more...]

Planning a Dinner Party {& Printable}

{Download this Printable}

I love to plan parties. Anyone who knows me knows that. In fact, I enjoy the planning, staging and getting ready for the party as much as actually being at one. { So, its probably no surprise that a portion of my business revolves around event design?} So, my parties have fallen off a bit in recent … [Read more...]

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