The Decking of the Halls Begins

I mentioned this on Facebook the other day, but I started putting my Christmas tree up on November 1st this year.  My neighbors, who have no idea that I'm a blogger, think I'm a lunatic.   They might have a point! I do have an excuse; we're so excited to be working with Balsam Hill again this … [Read more...]

Our Five Best Tips to Tame the Holiday Crazy

      We were so excited when we received the invitation to guest host along with Jennifer from Dimples & Tangles, Kris from Driven by Decor, Lisa from Shine Your Light, and Pam from Simple Details  their monthly "5 Tips" series.  With this month's theme being "5 Tips to … [Read more...]

Simply on Sunday

Photo credit: Teri Blades Happy Sunday, friends.  Today I thought I'd write a quick post and catch you up on life in the MCC House, as I've been a bit off the radar lately. First off, last weekend I took a quick trip to Kansas to see my hubby.  He's doing well, although it's a sacrifice to be … [Read more...]

Our New Years’ Cards (and a BIG Giveaway)

I decided a few weeks ago that this year I was going to mail New Years' cards instead of Christmas cards, mostly due to the busyness of my daughter's Nutcracker schedule.  I love sending and receiving cards, but this year it just seemed like a bridge too far during December. We always pair up … [Read more...]

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