Operation Organization 2014 ~ My Fabuless Life’s Cabinet Makeover

Hello! Has Operation Organization inspired you all to start a new project this year? These girls have such great ideas, we're so honored to have them here sharing with us. Today's guest is Jennifer from My Fabuless Life, just check out how her roadkill cabinets helped organized her garage entry … [Read more...]

Things I Would Do to My Kitchen (if I could do it all over again)

As most of you know, we're pulling up stakes and moving in just a few months, and so it's time to look back at what I've accomplished around the house in the almost-tw-years that we've been in Nashville.  All in all, I'm pretty proud of what we've done with this house. The kitchen was by far my … [Read more...]

Kitchen Redo Reveal–From Darkness to Light!

{Full source list at the end of the post} So, I finished this project in August, but I'm just now writing about it.  I think it's because the project itself wore me out so much that I didn't even want to think about it anymore, much less write about it.  It's still not completely finished, either, … [Read more...]

I {heart} IKEA…

Last week Terry and I got ourselves a babysitter and went off on a field trip to IKEA. I was in search of new family room curtains (you can read about my Ballard failure HERE) and some more storage to make my soon-to-be "for sale" house less cluttered. Terry is creating a fabulous … [Read more...]

Snow Day #3–Reorganizing the Kitchen (Still)

  We're in North Carolina, and we were hit on Monday (and Tuesday) with snow and then a bit of ice to top it off.  Now, I'm from Maryland, and while that's not exactly the frozen tundra, I do remember that it took more than this for them to close school all week.  'Cause that's what we're … [Read more...]

Pantry (Re) Organization

Happy New Year, everyone!  First of all, let me apologize for my lengthy absence from blogging (especially to Amy and Terry, who covered for me while I was on hiatus).  And, while you read the title and know that this post is going to be about how I reorganized my pantry, let me show you one of the … [Read more...]

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