{DIY} Art Display Board for my Daughter’s Room

  My daughter is away visiting her cousins this week, courtesy of her wonderful grandparents, so I have been fixing up her room as a little surprise when she gets back. As you read recently, we just moved to this house, so her room needs a little attention. As my youngest, and only girl, her … [Read more...]

Turquoise, Pink, and Purple Bulletin Board

My son's very best girl friend recently turned 7.  Hannah the Banana is a sweet girl near and dear to all of our hearts, especially my oldest son's.  They grew up together, born a couple months apart, and have been connected ever since.  It is such a sweet relationship, one that I hope never … [Read more...]

Get Organized~~Simple Decoupaged Bulletin Board!

  I've been saving this project for awhile and it seems perfect for summer.  In some ways, summer is even busier than the school year for us, because we have no set schedule and it seems like we spend a lot of time away from home on various vacations and trips to visit family (not that I'm … [Read more...]

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