Easy/DIY {Girl’s Birthday Gift} Hair Bow Display

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My very good friend Trinity's daughter is turning two this week.  Last year, Trinity threw her daughter this AMAZING butterfly birthday party which was nothing short of spectacular. This year, they are hosting an ice cream social in honor of her 2nd birthday and we are all excited to … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday, Amy!

Bridesmaids in 1997

Today is Amy's birthday, and since I was raised right, I won't tell you how old she is.  Also, I was born in the same year (although a few months LATER), so that would also be self-defeating.  However, I think it's important to mark this occasion by telling you just exactly how awesome she is. For … [Read more...]

An AMAZING Ice Cream Birthday Party!!


I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!! What little girl or boy wouldn't want an ice cream birthday party?  I just had to share this amazing event that my dear friend Courtney put together for her daughter's 9th birthday. Courtney is an amazing woman, friend, and mother!  She … [Read more...]

Fabulous DIY First Birthday Hat

Step # 9: Decorate.... I simply added a matching bow to the top of this hat.  I plan to give this away as a gift and would love to add a diamond broach and maybe some feathers.

  A couple weeks ago I posted a fabulous 1st birthday party that my dear friend Trinity hosted for her daughter.  It was bright, colorful, creative and over the top fun!  If you missed it, check it out here! Trinity did all the work for her daughter's birthday bash but she did ask for … [Read more...]

Turning Thirty-Something Fashionista Birthday Party!

Fashionista Party!!

Ohh....What a (fun) night!  Terry & I (Christy was recovering in Tennessee from her Disney trip and Better Homes & Gardens Photoshoot--but we really missed her!) spent last week preparing for a very SPECIAL event... Terry's Birthday Party! It's safe to say that we both get a little … [Read more...]

My Son’s 7th Birthday Camping Party & Giveaway


My oldest son turned seven last week.  I ache all over just typing the number-- seven.  How did he get so big so fast?  He also has his first loose tooth, well actually teeth, as if turning seven wasn't enough! My son is totally into Star Wars, what seven-year old boy isn't these days? Since we had … [Read more...]

DIY Star Wars Party

Gavin's Star Wars Inspiration Board

My little boy just turned six and what does every six year old boy love.... Star Wars!  We had a dress up Star Wars birthday party for my son Gavin and I think it turned out great. Even though I am en event planner, I try to keep my kids parties simple and inexpensive. I search the web for … [Read more...]

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