Healthy School Party Snack or Take-Home Treat

I'm one of the room moms for my daughter's class this year.  In fact, if I think back, my kids nominate me almost every year to be room mom--the only years I've had "off" were the years that we were homeschooling, so not really "off," right?! I love the opportunity to be involved in their … [Read more...]

Autumn Apple and Curry Chicken Salad

  I just had the pleasure of chaperoning my son's kindergarten field trip to a local apple orchard.   Look at those delicious red apples!  I ate quite a few while walking around and they were quite tasty.  While savoring the sweet autumn flavor it gave me an idea for a creative new take on chicken … [Read more...]

Fall Giveaway–Handmade Back-to-School Teacher Note Cards from JuJu Monkee!

We haven't done a giveaway in awhile, and it's not because we don't love you, it was just a busy summer!  But look what we have for you this week: This is a set of 12 darling back-to-school note cards from our friend Julie, the creative mind behind JuJu Monkee.  If you're a teacher (or if you … [Read more...]

“Apple of my Eye” Baby Shower

Last year my dear friend Sara was pregnant with her 4th child and her 1st boy. She has 3 adorably sweet little girls so I knew that she needed a bit more blue added to her baby wardrobe. Being a mom of two boys, I felt it was my duty to shower her with love and a bit of advice when it comes to on … [Read more...]

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