Quite a bit can happen in five years…

  Five years ago today this blog began. The first post ever started with the words: We are thrilled you have come by! In our home in the (cyber) world, we offer inspirational ideas for your life, home, family and self...   I had to stop and count a few times and check … [Read more...]

Exciting News from 11 Magnolia Lane

  It seems that at this time each year we go through a period of regrouping regarding this blog. Christy and I have, for the last three years, met up at the Haven Conference when we get completely inundated with wonderful blog-related information and our wheels start turning at high-speed. … [Read more...]

The Business Aspect of Running a Blog

    This is a bit of a deviation from our typical DIY, recipes and decor type of posts, but it’s something we thought some of you might find interesting. Especially those of you who may be considering starting your own blog someday {read down, we cover how easy it is to get started … [Read more...]

Girls’ Weekend at the Haven Conference

Phew!  The three of us are just getting home from a weekend in Atlanta, spent at the Haven Conference for DIY bloggers.   Amy and I went last year (Terry had a brand-new baby and obviously wasn't leaving him), and we had so much fun, and learned so much, that we all went back this year.  Imagine … [Read more...]

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