Gift Ideas for Your Next Favorite Things Party

Amy is always a trendsetter; it's been almost two years since she wrote {this} post where she hosted a "Favorite Things" gift exchange party for her friends.  They are quite a thing now; I was just invited to one yesterday and I can't wait to attend because they're so much fun. Today I … [Read more...]

Simply on Sunday

Good morning everyone. I think it is good that, thanks to daylight savings time, I have been awake since 5AM east coast time (ugh) since I have so much to share today! I am sure we won't be the only ones making early church today, it will be good to get ahead of the game today :) We've already had a … [Read more...]

Favorite Friday Finds

Typical of how my life is going right about now, last week's post was titled "Friday Favorite Finds" instead of "Favorite Friday Finds."  Granted, that's not a big deal at all in the grand scheme of things, unless you're trying to search our posts in an organized manner, but it's just an example how … [Read more...]

Friday Free for All

  The 2017 Holiday Planner Hello! It's Friday so it's time for one of those random posts with all the fun things we need to share with you today! First of all, I know the holidays are still weeks away but I also know that a few of you would love to get a jump on getting organized for … [Read more...]

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