How to Decorate Your Home When You Don’t Have a Budget for It.

  I have been thinking about writing a post about this topic for a while now. I think in this current age of blogs, Pinterest and Instagram it seems that everyone out there has a beautiful custom home and a HUGE budget for decorating. Since that isn't always the case, in fact most of us have … [Read more...]

2016 Year in Review

    It is hard to believe 2016 has come and gone...but suddenly it has! Today we're looking back at all our projects and top posts from last year at 11 Magnolia Lane.   JANUARY We kicked off last January with Operation: Organization {which is coming up again January … [Read more...]

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Staining Your Deck

This post is sponsored by HomeRight, all opinions are my own. Ok, before we begin let me first say that if you are truly a "lazy girl" don't take on this project! Hire someone, staining a deck is NO JOKE! LOL! Here is what our deck looked like when we started, this picture was taken after … [Read more...]

Our Favorite Painted Projects

If there is one thing we've done quite a few of here at 11 Magnolia Lane it is painted furniture projects. Together we've repainted so many pieces of furniture I am not sure that either of us have many pieces in our homes that look like they did originally! :)  There are different techniques for … [Read more...]

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