Tank Sprayer For After-Beach Clean Up: A Must-Have for Summer!

H2O Only vinyl decal for tank sprayer

How great is this idea?  I can say that because it came from a friend.  It's seriously genius, though! If you live near the beach, like we do here in Savannah, then consider this part of the essential list of things you own for your trips to the shore.  Right along with your chairs, umbrella, … [Read more...]

Creative Computer Station Ideas


Back in January, as part of our Operation: Organization series, I completely overhauled our computer armoire (aka the center of my universe) and made it look like this: and this: … [Read more...]

Organizing Printables| Organizing Binder

organizing printables

    There is no shortage of organizing binder printables and posts about home organizing binders in "blogland."  I have read many and tried a few. Eventually, I wound up developing a collection of printables suited to how I organize, so I thought I would share it in case you would like … [Read more...]

Operation: Organization 2014 ~ Organized Paint by Simply Organized

simply organized paint main image

Remember Sam from Simply Organized?  She shared her amazing playroom transformation with us in January, as part of Operation: Organization.  Now she's back with another post, on how to organize all of those extra cans of paint.  I may or may not have several dozen of these in my own … [Read more...]

How I simplified my life.

making life simple

 I am always looking for ways to save time and simplify my life. Between working full-time, having three children --all in activities-- and writing for this blog my days are full, and many days I feel like I need to be superwoman to survive. Since superwoman I am NOT, in fact, I have a chronic … [Read more...]

Operation: Organization 2014 ~ Creating an Entryway Drop Zone by Organize 365

hallway drop zone

If you enjoyed our two weeks of Operation: Organization back in January, then you'll be glad to know that we're going to continue the series throughout the year.  We'll have guest bloggers share one of their favorite organizational posts on weekends from time to time, to help keep us all motivated … [Read more...]

Medicine & First Aid Storage {Organizing Life}

organized medical supplies 1

Today I am back with another "Organizing Life" project. If you aren't familiar with this series you can read about it more HERE. Basically, last year I realized that organizing small components of my life would create a greater sense of calm in the larger parts of my life. This is one of those … [Read more...]

Operation: Organization 2014 ~ Organizing Dress Up Costumes

organized dress up clothes marked

I can't believe we are already at the last day of our Operation Organization Series. I hope everyone has enjoyed it as much as we have! Today is my day to share an organizing project, and when trying to decide what to write about, at first this project didn't even cross my mind. But, as the … [Read more...]

Operation: Organization 2014 ~ 25 Healthy Freezer Meals from Terry


    Happy New Year! Have you all been enjoying Operation: Organization, or what? I am so motivated by what I've been reading here at 11 Magnolia Lane that I don't know where to begin. I do know that I am inspired to kick off 2014 organized. A great way to start a new year is by … [Read more...]

Operation Organization 2014 ~ My Fabuless Life’s Cabinet Makeover

cabinets operation organization

Hello! Has Operation Organization inspired you all to start a new project this year? These girls have such great ideas, we're so honored to have them here sharing with us. Today's guest is Jennifer from My Fabuless Life, just check out how her roadkill cabinets helped organized her garage entry … [Read more...]

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