The Best Part–Why I’m Happy to Vacuum Every Day

Several years ago, I decided that my children needed to begin learning about volunteerism, and how we each must do our part to serve others and improve our own small corners of the world.  Since they were nine and six at the time, that great big concept went--zoom!--right over their heads.  So I … [Read more...]

How to {sort of} Disguise a Dog Crate With a Slipcover

  If you've been hanging out with us for any length of time, you know that I live in a zoo, with two kids, two rescued golden retrievers, a senile cat, a hamster, and two tadpoles (soon to be frogs).  Notice that I did not mention my long-suffering husband, because he is a fellow zookeeper … [Read more...]

Chalkboard Paint Dog Food Container

  I'm sure you've noticed I've been doing quite a few pet-related posts lately, because we're now up to two dogs, a geriatric cat, and a hamster.  There has to be a system in place, or chaos (and animal hair) reigns! I saw the cutest idea on Pinterest, by TidyMom, and knew I'd have to try it. … [Read more...]

Dog Gate from Vintage Plantation Shutters

You know that I cannot tell a lie...these might be "vintage" mini plantation shutters, but they're also "salvaged," which in my world means that I snagged them from the side of the road on trash day!  Hey, cheap is good, but free is better! I picked two sets of shutters up curbside about four … [Read more...]

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