Friday Free for All-Easter Edition

{Easter Tablescape} Happy Friday everyone! I have a few quick things to share with you today. We are wrapping up our first Spring Break this week, I got much less done this week than I hoped but had some quality time with my kids which is always the best thing.  We'll be celebrating Easter with … [Read more...]

Everything Easter–Tables, Recipes & More!

Easter is this Sunday, and I feel like it's crept up on me as we're focused on our move.  I'm planning to do our usual Easter dinner after church, but we're not having guests this year because most of our house is in boxes and my dining room table and chairs are already in storage!  That being said, … [Read more...]

Simply on Sunday

  Hi everyone...hope you have had a great weekend so far. We've been freezing at spring sports this weekend but at least the sun is out and shining. My two older boys are on spring break this week, but originally we were told that my oldest would have mandatory lacrosse practices for his … [Read more...]

A Year in the Life with a Puppy (or Ten!)

This post is sponsored by Spot Shot® Instant Carpet Stain Remover, all opinions and cute puppy stories are my own. Today I have a post about something that I have wanted to share with you all for well, almost a year now. If you follow us on Instagram {where you'll mostly find me, Christy … [Read more...]

How to Remove the Carpet from Your Stairs

    I have already showed some pictures of our mini stair makeover but I thought I'd circle back and talk a little bit more about the process of removing the carpet runner on our stairs. Not only was this fairly  simple to do but the stairs look so much better now. I can't get … [Read more...]

Furniture “Befores”

This is the current situation in my office, as well as most of the rest of the rooms.  Some things are packed to store, some things are sitting out, and it's just a great big mess everywhere.  Since I normally only show you pretty pictures, I thought you might enjoy seeing the chaos that is … [Read more...]

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