Before and Afters From Our Move

What's left of my Lilly Pulitzer for Target bar tray.  Sadness.

Well, you'd think after twenty years of marriage to a guy in the military I'd have this moving thing under control--but I'm afraid our last move brought me to tears (and my knees!). Worst. Move. Ever. I texted that to Amy last week as we were digging out from underneath all the damage and … [Read more...]

Painting My Daughter’s New Room


As I mentioned in this post, I took a quick trip up to North Carolina right after Memorial Day to paint a few rooms and have my "orientation" to our new house and all of its systems--things like how the water filter works, where all the cold air returns are located, and troubleshooting the … [Read more...]

More Moving Tips (From a Military Spouse)


  Amy wrote a super post a couple of years ago full of great tips and tricks to make moving as painless as possible.  You can read it {here}; it's still one of our most-read posts.  Be sure to read the comments, too, as our readers left some great ideas to help everyone out. Well, … [Read more...]

A Bon Voyage Farewell Luncheon

Bon Voyage farewell party | 11 Magnolia Lane

It's always hard to say goodbye when we move on to the next adventure, but last week's farewell luncheon that "my" ladies threw for me was particularly bittersweet. I put "my" in quotes, because I read once that I'm not supposed to call them "my" ladies, because that indicates ownership, but I've … [Read more...]

How We Found Our New House

Market your family by creating a brochure for potential landlords | 11 Magnolia Lane

I've been promising to tell you all the story of how we found our next house in Southern Pines, because we hardly ever do things in the "usual" way around here! First, we decided to rent this time around.  We still own an income property (our Nashville house), and we're not sure that we'll be in … [Read more...]

Beautiful Outdoor “Rooms”

Beautiful outdoor "rooms" | Mohawk Creative Home

I know...isn't that the most gorgeous photo? I'm blogging over at Mohawk's Creative Home blog, and you can see more beautiful outdoor spaces that live like rooms {here}.  There's plenty of inspiration for your spring (and summer) deck, patio, or porch. I'd love it if you'd stop by and take a … [Read more...]

Ballet and Vacation


This is the last week in our house before the packers arrive next Monday.  I'm spending it re-hanging the original light fixtures that were here when we moved in (I only leave mine behind when we've sold a house and the new buyers want them to convey), pulling things off of the walls and spackling … [Read more...]

Some “Before” Shots of Our New House


I showed you the exterior of our next house a few weeks ago {here}, and today I'm going to show you a few shots of the interior.  Don't get too excited yet, since it's completely empty, but the house is beautiful on its own and I thought you might like to see a bit more.  We're moving in less than … [Read more...]

IKEA Kitchens at the Milan World Expo

IKEA Metod Kitchen

This post is sponsored by IKEA and Syndicate Ads.  All opinions are 100% my own. •••••••• How do you think we'll be cooking in 20 years? What kind of kitchens will we do it in? How often do you eat with your family? And how will we eat the food we make? •••••••• These are the kinds of … [Read more...]

Gift Ideas for Dads and Grads

Father's Day Gift Ideas

It's the time of year for gifting our favorite dads (Father's Day is June 21st) and Amy and I pulled together a few ideas to help make your shopping and gift-giving a little easier. Our husbands are both fabulous bartenders; mine has wanted a new shaker for ages so I paired it … [Read more...]

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