Our Easter Table–Free Printable Wreath Place Cards

Printable wreath Easter table placards | 11 Magnolia Lane

I've been working on our Easter table; I'm not sure how many we're hosting this year, so my table is definitely going to be mix-and-match.  I whipped up these placecards the other day and thought I'd share: Aren't they cute?  I found the free wreath graphic on Pinterest; it was created by the … [Read more...]

Easy Gift Idea for Tea Lovers

Harney & Sons Tea and rock candy swizzle sticks--great gift idea | 11 Magnolia Lane

  One of my daughter's teachers had a birthday this week and because she has seven teachers this year, I try to stick to about $10 per birthday gift. This particular teacher is a lover of all things related to tea, so Annabelle and I chose a tin of our favorite blend, Harney & Sons … [Read more...]

How to Put an “11ML” App Icon on Your iPhone

How to put an 11 Magnolia Lane app icon on your iPhone

  Because--of course-- we want you to be able to access our site easily while you're on the go, this will allow you to launch the blog with just a tap of your finger, so you can see what's new. These are iPhone directions, but I'll link to generalized Android instructions at the end.  And … [Read more...]

Updates in the Master Bedroom–A New Bench

Master bedroom in grey and whites | 11 Magnolia Lane

I bought a new bench for the foot of our bed last week.  Then I moved the one that was here up to our guest room, which was the whole point--I wanted something up there for guests to open their suitcases on. This one is nice and long: Plenty of room for laundry baskets!  Just kidding--we … [Read more...]

Simply on Sunday

{Click for source}

  Happy Sunday!  I've been a bit lazy this week; we were on spring break and so Amy did the majority of the posting (thanks, girl!).  I showed you my monogrammed toes on Monday:   And then I slacked off for the rest of the week, sleeping in and enjoying Savannah's St. … [Read more...]

Monogrammed Toes–My New Pedicure

Monogrammed pedicure/toes | 11 Magnolia Lane

Because you really can monogram ANYTHING...I decided to try teeny-weeny vinyl decals on my toes.  They were so cute! I apologize for my toes straight from the get-go.  I've put years of dancing and running on them and they are a little worse for the wear.  Just as soon as I can get my daughter to … [Read more...]

Simply On Sunday

Beautiful kitchen in blues from Urban Grace Interiors | 11 Magnolia Lane

 Happy Sunday! I'm stopping in quickly with a few things that have inspired me this week. First, one of my favorite kitchens EVER, in such soothing colors, by Erika M. Powell at Urban Grace Interiors (via House Beautiful):     Those lanterns!! Next, the classic silk … [Read more...]

Six-Step Spring Cleaning {With Pets}


This post is sponsored by HomeRight.  All opinions are 100% my own.   You guys know that we're HomeRight Ambassadors, and that we're HUGE fans of their SteamMachine Plus Steam Mop.  We gave one away in January, and Amy showed us how you can use it to disinfect your house and kill flu … [Read more...]

Updated Front Entryway and a New Lamp

Hall/foyer/entry decor | 11 Magnolia Lane

  The decor in our front hall was feeling a little stale, but since we'll be moving again in a few months, I didn't want to make any big changes.  I wanted to add some spring color and layer my decor a bit, so I shopped the house and also picked up a new blue and white lamp (source list at … [Read more...]

How to Make a No-Sew DIY Window Valance From Canvas Dropcloths

How to Make a No-Sew DIY Window Valance From Canvas Dropcloths | 11 Magnolia Lane

This is one of those tutorials that I almost didn't think needed to be explained because it's so easy (that's a good thing, right?!), but I have gotten dozens and dozens of requests for it, so here goes! When we redid our Nashville kitchen, I used canvas painters' dropcloths to make the window … [Read more...]

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