Pretty Preppy Party–Month 3

PPP Invite 300

Don't forget to enter our giveaway for a $100 Target gift card {here}. Hey everyone!  Welcome to Pretty Preppy Party, Month 3!  Here is what we've been up to this month: What's better than chocolate? Preppy chocolate! That's right, Brett from Being Bianca combined two beloved things ... … [Read more...]

Vintage Gold Mirror in the Foyer

Vintage Gold Mirror | 11 Magnolia Lane

Last week, I showed you the gorgeous mirror that my friend Nicole gave me for my birthday and asked for your opinion on where to hang it (you can read that post {here}). As always, you guys have opinions--and lots of them--but that's why I asked, right?! I decided not to cover over the stained … [Read more...]

30 DIY Thanksgiving Placecard & Tablescape Ideas

30 Thanksgiving Tablescape & Place Card Ideas | 11 Magnolia Lane

It's almost time for Thanksgiving, and I always feel like that's the official kick off to the holiday season, don't you?  We're hosting family and friends for dinner this year--I think we'll be 15 at the table although the number is still shifting--and I have been looking for ideas to make my … [Read more...]

Happy Veterans Day!

Veterans Day 2014 | 11 Magnolia Lane

Unless you're new around here (and welcome if you are!), then you probably know that my husband is in the Army.  You might not have known that my son's birthday is on Veterans' Day/Armistice Day, though.  I tried to convince him to be born (aka get out!) sooner, but this was the day he selected. … [Read more...]

Update on Gold DIY Jewelry Bowls

DIY Gold Monogrammed Jewelry Bowl | 11 Magnolia Lane

Hey, everyone--do you remember Amy's darling monogrammed gold-rimmed bowls that she made for me and Terry?  She posted about them {here}. She found the bowls at Home Goods, but I haven't been able to find any like them in the months since.  So, when I was in Target a few weeks ago, I found these … [Read more...]

Where to Put the Big Gold Mirror?

Vintage Gold Mirror | 11 Magnolia Lane

So, a few weeks ago it was my birthday, and I was spoiled rotten by a number of wonderful friends, in addition to my awesome family.   My friend Nicole knew that I had been eyeing this vintage gold mirror in one of our many Savannah antique/flea market (junk?) stores, and she surprised me with … [Read more...]

Amazing Fall Soup Recipes

Amazing Fall Soup Recipes | 11 Magnolia Lane

We've just finally had a cold snap here in Savannah, and I actually turned the heat on last night (and wished the pilot light was lit in the fireplace so we could have a fire--hopefully tomorrow!).  After having weather in the high 80s/low 90s earlier in the week, it was a bit of a shock to us wimpy … [Read more...]

IKEA Dresser Hack: DIY Gold Greek Key Furniture Overlay

DIY Greek Key Overlay on IKEA Dresser | 11 Magnolia Lane

**UPDATE:  Be sure to vote for my project {here}--pretty please--since the winner of this challenge wins $500.  That's right, 500 smackeroos, just in time for Christmas shopping!  You can vote once a day, and, if you vote, you'll be entered to win another HomeRight FinishMax Pro.  Fun!** As you … [Read more...]

Cancer and Chemo Care Package Ideas

Cancer and Chemo Care Package Ideas | 11 Magnolia Lane

In October, we think pink, and it jogs our memory to get our girls checked, which is great, because mammograms are no fun and sometimes we women need a gentle reminder to take care of ourselves.   Last month was Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and next month will be Lung Cancer … [Read more...]

Rustic Pear Tart — Perfect Fall Dessert Recipe

Fall Dessert Recipe: Rustic Pear Tart | 11 Magnolia Lane

***Want to enter our giveaway for a $100 Target gift card?  That would come in handy as we get close to the holidays, wouldn't it?  Just click {here} to enter.*** I know that most of us think of apples at this time of year, but pears are in season now, too.  In fact, my kids would choose … [Read more...]

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