Friday Free for All–Memorial Day Style

Hi everyone and welcome to the holiday weekend! I don't know that I have ever been so glad to see a weekend arrive! The last two weeks have been the busiest I can remember in a long time and I know Christy is in the same boat as both our schools (though we live in separate states) ended for the year … [Read more...]

Creative, Thoughtful and Affordable Gifts for All Occasions

  I like to think I am fairly good at giving gifts. I definitely like to receive gifts (I admit that might just be my love language!) and I value the people in my life enough to try to find something special to give them when they have a major occasion. Recently I ran late in sending my … [Read more...]

Life with a Twist of Lyme Disease– Part 2

    I am long overdue to share an update on my health. I clearly have procrastinated, honestly because writing about home decor--or just about anything else-- is so much more fun. It has been almost 2 years since I wrote my first post about my ongoing battle with chronic lyme … [Read more...]

Master Bathroom Reveal {part 1}

  I know I have been talking about this space forever! I thought I would pop in today and show off the state of our updated master bath. The sun came out for a few hours yesterday morning and I was able to snap some super quick photos--I had all of 5 minutes before we had to be at a dance … [Read more...]

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