Summer Fun: Mullet Party


Mullet party | 11 Magnolia Lane
Last week, my husband and I went to one of the most creative (and fun) parties I’ve ever seen, and I just had to share it with you.

Some friends held a “Mullet Party” to kick off the Memorial Day weekend.  We were able to stop by for a few hours while the kids were at their evening activities and before we hit the road for our trip to Savannah.  As soon as I saw the front yard, I knew we were in for a treat.

At first, I thought their two sweet girls had left all of their toys out, but when I saw the Barbie car up on blocks in the yard, it all clicked.

Mullet party | 11 Magnolia Lane
Yes, we were all wearing mullet wigs, but I refuse to show you a picture of me wearing mine because I looked hideous!

Screenshot 2016-06-03 09.38.59

|  Mullet wig (you know you want one)  |

The table was filled with all kinds of processed snacks.  You already saw the Spam and Velveeta in the photo above.  We also had Cheez Whiz and vienna sausages.

Mullet party | 11 Magnolia Lane
Plus Funyuns and fried pork rinds…

Mullet party | 11 Magnolia Lane
I haven’t seen some of these preservative-enriched snacks in years!

Mullet party | 11 Magnolia Lane
It’s hard to beat a bucket of fried chicken…

Mullet party | 11 Magnolia Lane
Aren’t these cans a great idea for holding cutlery?  The attention to detail was impressive–and hilarious!

Mullet party | 11 Magnolia Lane
The drinks were also on point.  There was a wheelbarrow full of ice and beer in the back yard for the beer drinkers.

Mullet party | 11 Magnolia Lane
Those of us with a little more class were able to enjoy wine (Boone’s Farm–haven’t seen that since college) and moonshine in the kitchen.  I’ve been wondering how to use those tiny little red Solo cup shot glasses…this was perfect!

Mullet party | 11 Magnolia Lane

| mini red cup shot glasses  |

I was the designated driver, but Jello shots were available for those who were Ubering it home.

Mullet party | 11 Magnolia Lane
The back porch was decorated with the cutest mini red cup string lights.

Mullet party | 11 Magnolia Lane

|  Red cup string lights  |

One costume was better than the next–this was mostly a group of military friends, and we are always willing to dress up and get silly.

If you looked carefully around the house and yard, there was creativity everywhere.

Mullet party | 11 Magnolia Lane

Mullet party | 11 Magnolia Lane

Mullet party | 11 Magnolia Lane

Mullet party | 11 Magnolia Lane
It was a great night, even though I did max out my sodium intake for the entire year!  Our friends also throw a tremendous Halloween party; if you live in the Southern Pines/Pinehurst area, it’s the place to be on October 31st.

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  1. Oh my word! That is hilarious. You had my hubby at spam. Lol


  3. This is awesome. And what was even more awesome was while reading this post from my phone, there was a Lilly Pulitzer ad in between each picture, lol!!!

    • You know that those ads are populated based on websites you visit, right? So I’m guessing you’re a lilly-lover! (Mine always pop up Lilly, too. 🙂

  4. What is a mullet?

    • June, I should have put a picture in the post. A mullet is an 80’s-style haircut–feathered and short on the top and sides, and long in the back. If you’ve ever seen the movie “Wayne’s World,” Wayne and Garth are sporting mullets. I had one in eighth grade, but you couldn’t pay me enough to post a picture on the internet! 🙂

  5. Oh my!….How fun and creative…you must have laughed the entire time you were there! yes, I have not seen many of these things and foods in so long!

  6. Heidi Colton says:

    How wonderful! I would have laughed myself silly! What fun!

  7. leon hollins says:

    Thanks for sharing Christy! you are fantastically creative, having read many of your specific blog contributions.

  8. This made me laugh so hard! Such a creative idea!

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