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Advent Calendars: Let the Countdown Begin

It's almost December 1st do you have your Advent Calendar ready? A couple years ago I created this advent calendar inspiration board. It was such a fun project and gave me tons of ideas for some holiday DIY projects.  Unfortunately, I created it mid-holiday season which was a bit too late to … [Read more...]

Trash to Treasure: Christmas Front Porch Decor

  I sincerely hope you guys aren't tired of seeing my front porch.  As you know, I change it out every season, and I was really looking forward to decorating for Christmas this year. My daughter and I don't shop on "Black Friday."  Instead, we put our decorations up.  We follow a strict … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Magnolia Wreath for the Holidays

  I am running behind in holiday mode this year thanks to my daughter's birthday celebration this weekend {I hope to show my party preparations at the end of the week} but I did get as far as my front door wreath--which I will show you at the end of the post. First, I wanted to jump back in … [Read more...]

DIY Ballet Barre for My Tiny Dancer–Tutorial

My nine-year-old loves to dance, and she's been asking for a ballet barre in her room ever since we visited her cousin in South Carolina.  Katie has an entire wall of mirrors and a barre  Of course, she is a serious dancer (8+ hours a day and a special high school for the performing arts!), but the … [Read more...]

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