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Organizing Life {Gift Wrapping Station}

I finally did it...I organized my gift wrap into one place. I pulled everything together in my office armoire. ~ I have used this armoire in my office for many years. I do graphic design and used to have a business designing wedding invitations {you can see my old office here} so I have paper, … [Read more...]

Causes Close to Our Hearts, Galactosemia Foundation

I guess it is my turn to share my story and the cause so close to my heart.   I want to thank Amy for leading the charge and Christy for sharing her amazing story and cause.   I wish I could say that the words are freely flowing right now, but this is really difficult for me.  I think any time you … [Read more...]

Causes Close to Our Hearts–myHeart, yourHands

  Hi, everyone, it's Christy writing.  Amy started our series of posts earlier today, and I'm second in line to tell you about the cause that's closest to my heart, because it's not all about entertaining and decorating, now is it? The organization I want to showcase was started by … [Read more...]

Our “Causes” Close to Our Hearts…

Today we are breaking from our regular topics like decorating, DIY'ing and entertaining to talk more seriously about a new feature we have added to our sidebar here at Magnolia Lane. At some point, We plan to write out a post about how our blog began, but for now I can just say 11 Magnolia Lane … [Read more...]

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