Gone Glamping

Autumn in all its glory!!

I can already smell Fall?  S’mores toasting, apple pies baking and pumpkin ravioli sautéing. I cannot wait to see the leaves change and the harvest moon brightly shinning above.  Fall is by far, my favorite time of year.

My hubby and I have always been into hiking, fishing and camping- we are definitely into the great outdoors.  With the addition of two boys, our family makes any excuse to spend a weekend exploring the woods.  I spent most of my time as a child exploring the woods and and searching for little natural treasures around my home in the beautiful Hudson Valley.  It is a joy to watch my children as they now marvel in all that nature has to offer.  Camping and hiking have been a great way for my family to bond, relax and enjoy a “back-to-basics” style of  living.

As much as I love to “rough it”, I am also a true Gemini, and need glaming things up once in a while.   Being the only girl in my house I sometimes feel the need to “get girly” so camping isn’t always the perfect get-a-way.  However,  I found the perfect solution for the ying and yang sides of my brain: “Glamping”!!

Glamorous Camping ofter the great outdoors in a very luxurious setting.  I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!   It is truly a romantic, relaxing and a luxurious way to spend time outdoors and with people you love.  I think this would be a perfect anniversary weekend away don’t you? ** Hint Hint Honey, I hope you’re reading the blog this week!!**

Here is a look at my perfect Glamping Anniversary Weekend!!!

Fall fashion perfect for a glamourous camping weekend!

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  1. New follower here!!! fall is also my favorite time of year! I love the idea of “glamping”….i’ll have to tell that one to my husband!!

  2. The only way I’d go camping if it were “glamping”! I love being outside, but I also like the comfort of my bed at night and having a bathroom.

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