Gone Glamping

Fall fashion perfect for a glamourous camping weekend!

I can already smell Fall?  S'mores toasting, apple pies baking and pumpkin ravioli sautéing. I cannot wait to see the leaves change and the harvest moon brightly shinning above.  Fall is by far, my favorite time of year. My hubby and I have always been into hiking, fishing and camping- we are … [Read more...]

Trash to Treasure–Painted Plastic Thrift Store Mirror

thrift store mirror painted white

  I will paint anything--probably even things that shouldn't be painted.  So when I saw this rather hideous mirror at the local Salvation Army for $8, I saw potential, as long as I could paint it.     I actually walked by it for a couple of weeks (so did everyone … [Read more...]

“Apple of my Eye” Baby Shower

Table Scape: Chantilly lace placemats from Belguim, Vintage Glass Tray Plates, Green Apple accents and Green Hydrangia's from Amy's Garden

Last year my dear friend Sara was pregnant with her 4th child and her 1st boy. She has 3 adorably sweet little girls so I knew that she needed a bit more blue added to her baby wardrobe. Being a mom of two boys, I felt it was my duty to shower her with love and a bit of advice when it comes to on … [Read more...]

Things I have learned from building a house…

Back Camera

I admit that I am a bit house-obsessed. I am not afraid to say it. I like things in my house to be neat, and look how I want them to. I have often said, I want visitors to feel welcome and comfortable and my children to grow up in a home with a sense of peace and security. {As I write this, I … [Read more...]

Moving On…

house construction

I have been absent from blogging for awhile. I forgot (or blocked out!) how difficult it is to move. This time just about pushed me to the brink, between packing, finding a new house, the school year ending and working on a major project all in about a month.  I think I am still mentally recovering … [Read more...]

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