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Romantic Valentine’s Day Soiree Inspiration Board

Hi everyone, and happy February 1st!  I flipped my calendar from January to February and instantly began dreaming up a romantic Valentine's Day soiree. I have had pink on the brain and really wanted something romantic, ruffled, and sweet.   I will be spending this Valentine's Day home … [Read more...]

Nautical Bathtub Valance

  Over the past couple of weeks, I have been working on transforming my sons' generic white bathroom into a yacht club loo. My first order of business was to add some color. Choosing a paint color has never come easily to me, and paint stores truly overwhelm me.  As we all know, you can … [Read more...]

Ballard Designs Memo Board Knock-Off

  Ok, so I am sure that like many of you with even the slightest of DIY inclination, you maybe saw this great memo board in the recent Ballard Designs catalog and said "I can SO make that"...(and did you think, pay $49 for this? Really?)   But, more than that, for YEARS I have … [Read more...]

Clash of Styles–My Daughter’s New Desk

    My friend Megan and I went to the awesome Cameron Antique Fair in Cameron, NC, a few months ago , and I scored a beautiful little desk for $75.  I’ve been looking for one for awhile, but nothing was exactly right so I continued to bide my time.  I had visions of painting it white, or … [Read more...]

Model Home Inspiration

Yesterday Terry and I (along with our friend Trinity) stopped off at a Model Home in our area. It's been awhile since I had been in one, but this one was an amazing source of decorating ideas. We were "oohing" and "ahhing" and had our i-phone cameras snapping away throughout our visit. Terry is … [Read more...]

Fashion Week: A Spring Fling

Hi everyone!! I feel I owe you all an apology, as I have been MIA for a couple weeks. I wish I could say that I have been off organizing my pantry (okay, I may have a little bit of pantry envy) or better yet, on a tropical vacation. The ugly truth is that I have not been organizing anything, and I … [Read more...]

Snow Day #3–Reorganizing the Kitchen (Still)

  We're in North Carolina, and we were hit on Monday (and Tuesday) with snow and then a bit of ice to top it off.  Now, I'm from Maryland, and while that's not exactly the frozen tundra, I do remember that it took more than this for them to close school all week.  'Cause that's what we're … [Read more...]

Pantry (Re) Organization

Happy New Year, everyone!  First of all, let me apologize for my lengthy absence from blogging (especially to Amy and Terry, who covered for me while I was on hiatus).  And, while you read the title and know that this post is going to be about how I reorganized my pantry, let me show you one of the … [Read more...]

Goals for 2011

All 3 of us--Terry & Christy & I--have lengthy lists of goals for our homes (and lives!) this year. I already have a written list of house projects, my dilemma is that we are contemplating a move--which means I really have two lists depending on what we decide to do. One list is what I will … [Read more...]

Goodbye Holidays…Hello Organization Time!

I admit, I almost start looking forward to packing up the Christmas decorations and getting into some major home organization before Christmas is even over. I never really enjoy the "putting away" process but I love how good it feels to have a less clutter around the house.While I was taking down my … [Read more...]

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